Weapons Amendment Bill Voted on by LNP & Labour Today.

Government are Todays Criminals.
For anyone who wishes the proceedings are reported in the link above.


Today the 15th November will be a date remembered in infamy by the 200,000 licensed firearm owners that it affects. We morn the loss of more of the few remaining human rights of our brothers in arms. Again, we were betrayed by the Labour Party the party that used to respect freedom, a party that produced Andrew Fisher, King o Mally, and Curtain. We betrayed, yet again by the National Party, the party that sold us out in 1996. Now amalgamated with the Liberal Party that also betrayed us today as it did with its decietfull leader John Howard in 1996. Howard, who signed letters in 1996 prior to his election stating that he would defend the rights of firearm owners then betrayed us in an instant after the Port Arthur murders. Instead investigating and prosecuting the Perpertrators he prosecuted the innocent. This process has just been an ongoing enslavement of  law abiding Australians. Instead of prosecuting the guilty they fine the innocent, its easier for them to blame us.

Defended By Independents and Two Katter members.

Today though as usual, the independents and now the two members of Katters Australia Party voted against and all the LNP and Labour voted to support the Bill. They will still be debating it tomorrow but the Vote has been cast. Tomorrow we will be distributing the list of ‘fors’ and ‘against’. These lists will be very handy as guides of who to vote for in the up and coming election. We must become political activists and insure that all Firearm Owners, shooters , hunters, collectors know who to voter for and who to vote against. Firearm owners have to write to local papers letters to the editor, write to your clubs, write to other clubs inform them of  this further betrayal.

Free Men Own Guns Slaves Don't.

Free Men Own Guns Slaves Don't.

The Police have just been given another small book of legislation to punish us with, they write it for the politicians and then they carry it out.  Did they consult with you, did you give your assent for them to pass this further list of impositions? No. We have to train our politicians to stop ignoring us. How many of you wrote to the LNP and they  wrote back and said they were going to object about the rights of shooter being over ridden. Yet they went and voted with Labour. In other times they would be branded collaborationist, Quislings, and held in suitable disrepute. It is our duty to remind the people of this betrayal. The LNP are so close to Labour there is no difference. They are not the opposition they are a part of the twin duopoly that tyrannise Firearm Owners.

Second Reading
Resumed from 8 September (see p. 2922), on motion of Mr Roberts—
That the bill be now read a second time.
Mrs CUNNINGHAM (Gladstone—Ind) (12.21 pm): I rise to speak to the Weapons Amendment
Bill 2011. Every time one of these bills is presented to parliament, there is a reaction in the community. I am sure I, along with other members, have received correspondence, particularly from current licensed weapons owners who have expressed concerns. I will get to some of those soon. Mrs Cunningham goes to bat for the shooters. Page 358

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