The UN, A Gang of Tyrants That Use Civilian Disarmament For Genocide.

The UN,  A Gang of Tyrants That Use Civilian Disarmament For Genocide.

Written  as a Letter to the Editor in Reply to  a printed article saying “The UN Does have merit.” by Colin Claridge.’

Colin seems to be one of the decent people who are attracted by the science fiction, “Startrek” concept of a ‘United States of the World’ uniting the peoples of the planet for its adventures into the universe, but is forced to defend its shortcomings, by vastly exaggerating its ability to achieve anything. He criticises ‘One Nation’ and puts them on a par with his “League of Corrupt Buddies”, where if he looked more carefully at the facts instead of ‘rolling his eyes’, he would find that corruption always thrives in the UN.

The concept of the UN was not born from the ashes of the Second World War, it was spawned from its failed predecessor the League of Nations. The idea of Alger Hiss, an advisor to F.D Roosevelt who as a spy was really working for Josef Stalin. The UN was privately discussed at the Tehran Conference in 1943 and we all have been paying for it ever since. Last year Australia gave $58,146,547, yes, that is $58 million of your taxpayers dollars, but that’s only the general figure, that does not include the peace keeping contributions, or Aid Funds, or our $200 million contribution to the international fund that helps developing nations tackle climate change. Imagine, what a difference that could make to our hospitals and pensioners. The UNs 2014-15 budget showed $13.2 billion for Climate change liabilities that’s on top of its $9 Billion general budget, to pay its 120,000 workers.

Colin brushes quickly over the UN’s failures and concentrates on the ideals, he advocates that the UN should have the right to step in and act, “they do not have the right to behave however they like” he says, but nor does the UN have a right to behave as they like. If that was correct there would be no point of being a citizen of a sovereign country which is governed by the people, for the people, as anytime, they could be told to take in a few hundred thousand refugees, or accept Civilian disarmament, or accept Agenda 21, or pay for another countries Climate control, or remove your right of Freedom of Speech. Yes, that is right, its all happened already. Surely Colin, would think and investigate before handing over to an un elected body of politicians, known as the UN, the power to dominate the World.

Iraq ‘Oil For Food’.

In 2005 independent U.S. investigation, led by former Federal Reserve Chairman Paul Volcker, exposed ‘a staggering deficit of oversight and accountability.’ Volcker said, “The Secretariat, the Security Council and U.N. contractors, failed most grievously in their responsibilities to monitor the integrity of the program.” and the suffering of the Iraqi people more acute, by the U.N.’s bald-faced malfeasance. One of the reasons for this finding was the Australian Wheat Board corruption. The AWB was a Australian Government Quango entity, meaning it alone could export Australian wheat. Volcker found that throughout it was paying kickbacks to the regime of Saddam Hussein, in exchange for lucrative wheat contracts. This was only the skin of the UN’s bubbling rice pudding of corruptions.

Why should any rational person trust the United Nations again to enforce sanctions or run a humanitarian aid program?

The UN.’s Oil-for-Food program in Iraq, was a perverse fiasco that only one of many in the institution’s history. After the first Gulf War, Iraq was under U.N. sanction for its failure to comply with Security Council resolution ‘that it fully disarm’. From 1996 to 2003, the Oil-for-Food program allowed Saddam Hussein to buy humanitarian aid (food) in exchange for oil. Instead, Saddam generated, through bribes, oil smuggling, and illicit kickbacks, over $21 billion to shore up his sadistic regime. He used oil money, to buy arms and to buy influence on the Security Council and weaken international sanctions. In the process, millions of ordinary Iraqis starved and died from malnutrition and disease.

Human Rights Abusers Run The UN.

Also consider the U.N.’s track record of defending human rights. The U.N. Charter welcomes all “peace-loving states” that affirm the institution’s “faith in fundamental human rights.” Yet the distance between the U.N.’s ideals and its day-to-day operations can only be compared to distances between Galaxies, light years apart.

Human rights abusers, such as China, Cuba, Egypt, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia, sit in judgment on nations that respect the rule of law. They manipulate the system to shield themselves and their plutocratic pals from scrutiny. Other U.N. bodies have been similarly debased. The U.N. Commission on Sustainable Development invited North

Korea, a communist tyranny that has pushed millions of its own people to the brink of starvation, to become a member in good standing. This Disney, ‘Upside Down world’, in which dictatorships have veto power over democracies, heartens despots everywhere and prolongs the human misery of their victims.

UN Activates Genocide.

Nowhere is the U.N.’s debasement more grievous than in the recent tragic fiascos in Sudan, Burma, and Zimbabwe. The Islamist regime in Khartoum has helped orchestrate the killings of about 200,000 people and displaced over two million in Sudan’s Darfur region. This created part of the illegal immigrant nightmare and the UN,s orders to European countries to accept the problems that it created.

The UN’s Development Council (SPDC), an Orwellian creation if there ever was one, was named “the worst human rights violator in the world” by the British Conservative Party’s Human Rights Commission. Under the thuggish rule of Robert Mugabe, Zimbabwe launched a campaign of social demolition that left 700,000 people homeless and destitute. In each case, brutal dictators have instigated massive repression and ethnic cleansing against their own populations.

These governments always avoid U.N. censure or sanctions, instead they reward one another with seats and privileges into countless U.N. Quangos. The Security Council allows Sudan to dictate the terms of any U.N. troop deployment to stop the killing. The General Assembly goes to sleep over the killings in Tibet, Burma and Zimbabwe. The Human Rights Council, caught up in the machinations of China, and the Organization for the Islamic Conference, has essentially ignored ethnic cleansing in its member states.

A Gang Of Dictators.

In the book, ‘Complicity With Evil’, Adam Lebor, former London Times correspondent, accurately describes the U.N.’s culture of contradictions. “If there is a sense of shame among Secretariat officials for the U.N.’s failures…it is not a career hindrance,” he writes. Instead of confronting regimes for their atrocities, the U.N. system “confers legitimacy and prestige on those perpetrating human rights abuses, providing them with psychological and political succour and the plentiful company of kindred spirits.”

The ongoing scandal of U.N. peacekeepers who sexually exploit civilians seems to defy reform, or even serious scrutiny. In Lebanon, Rwanda, Somalia, Yugoslavia, and elsewhere, the blue helmets have stood aside as chaos and killing erupted.

From the first signing of the UN’s Human Rights Charter in 1948, the Soviet Union continued on to commit hideous acts against its own citizens, much of it under the cruel dictatorship of Joseph Stalin. As the Cold War raged on for twenty years, thousands died in Hungry, and Czechoslovakia, the impotent UN said and did everything it could, which always turned out to be nothing. Zero. The UN always failed to hold the Soviet Union accountable for countless crimes against humanity.

After the UN. plunged further from grace into the cesspit, when the new secretary-general Kurt Waldheim from Austria was appointed in 1972 to 81 he was considered at the time a”squalid . . . uninspired, officious and essentially a trivial bureaucrat.” This was the worlds first impression, but later it came to public attention that he got the job precisely because of his past life qualities. Intelligence services of the superpowers and a few lesser states knew that Waldheim had concealed his wartime service on the staff of a German unit that committed atrocities against Yugoslav partisans and Jews. Because Waldheim was eminently black-mail-able, he was a malleable secretary general, eager to do the bidding of his Soviet and American masters, although always paralysed with fright.

The Korean War.

(Note, No disrespect to the 1000s of servicemen who have served their countries orders and suffered and died for what appeared to them to be a Noble cause).

Korea, which had been one nation for over 1000 years, was divided at the end of WWII. The UN legitimatised an election in the South of Korea in May 1948, but would not include the election in the North both elections had boycotted, or excluded many Koreans. The North invaded the South and to this day peace has not been declared, both North and South Korea will blame the UN for its half hearted cease fire that solved nothing.

The Arab-Israeli Wars of 1948, 1956, 1965,1973.

The UN has been involved in all of these wars and still there is no peace. The latest UN resolution 23 of December 2016, shows that the UN is only interested in supporting the Arab stance that every Jew should be removed from the West Bank. Whilst, Israel stance is to leave the Arab inhabitants of the West Bank in peace, which still leaves the other 99 % of the Middle East for Arabs to live in. However, as Arab/Muslim nations presently control the UN, we can only expect the same stance.

The Congo.

The tragedy began on June 30, 1960 when independence gave total power to a Moscow sponsored Communist terrorist Patrice Lumumba. In a directive to the heads of the Congolese provinces, Lumumba wrote that they should use “terrorism, essential to subdue the population.” His directive was carried out enthusiastically. In order to avoid the nightmare that attended the new Communist rule in the Congo, the province of Katanga declared its independence. Its president, the Christian, pro-American Moise Tshombe, announced that “we are seceding from chaos.” Lumumba and his successor, Cyrille Adoula, asked for and got the aid of United Nations “peacekeepers” to force Katanga back under Congolese rule. It took two years of UN war mongering to accomplish this goal.

In 1962 a report from the 46 civilian doctors of Elizabethville, Katanga (Congo) denounced the atrocities carried out by UN troops. The UN consistently bombed, machine-gunned, and looted civilian targets: hospitals, ambulances, churches, schools, homes, cars. “Over ninety percent of the buildings bombed and shelled by the United Nations were strictly civilian structures with no military value,” said the doctors’ report. After protesting the UN attacks on ambulances, Mr. Georges Olivet of the Swiss Red Cross was murdered by UN troops as he travelled in a Red Cross ambulance. I had a friend Mr George Turner who served as a medic/nurse in Elizabethville Hospital, he was present in the Hospital when it was bombed by UN planes, he told me the following day they made a giant Red Cross and spread it over the roof of the Hospital a few hours later the UN aircraft returned and used the Red Cross as an aiming mark. Patients and staff again were killed.

Worse yet, if possible, was the behaviour of Congolese troops supplied and transported by the UN to invade Katanga from the north. Reports of cannibalism, massacre of missionaries and other civilians, and other atrocities were rife. The passage of these UN allies left in its wake complete anarchy in place of the peace and prosperity that had formerly prevailed in that region.


When the United Nations does use force, the results are often pathetic. The various national contingents that make up U.N. peacekeeping operations — Bangladeshis, Bulgarians, Brazilians, and the like — are chosen not for martial prowess but because their governments are willing to send them, often for no better reason than to collect a daily fee. The quality of these soldiers varies widely: William Shawcross (Deliver us from Evil) writes, that the Bulgarians in Cambodia were “said to be more interested in searching for sex than for cease-fire violations.”

In 1979, the Vietnamese army invaded Cambodia to oust the Khmer Rouge and end the massacre. Pol Pot was forced in exile, and a new government was put in place in Cambodia. Shockingly, the United Nations refused to recognize this new government because it was backed by Vietnam. Until 1994, the United Nations recognized the Khmer Rouge as the true government of Cambodia, despite the fact that they had killed 2.5 million Cambodians, amounting to 33% of their total population. Meanwhile, Pol Pot was a guest of the Chinese Government and resided in the Holiday Inn, Beijing.

Rwanda, 1994.

Hundreds of desperate Tutsis sought refuge on the first day of the genocide at a school where 90 UN troops were under the command of Captain Luc Lemaire. Here, they were surely safe from the Hutus and their machetes. The UN flag flew over the school. The Belgian peacekeepers were armed with a machine gun, planted at the entrance. The Tutsis could not imagine they would stand by while people were slaughtered. The 39-year-old Captain feared otherwise. The UN in New York had ignored warnings that the Genocide was being planned and the security council was pulling out peacekeepers in response to the mass killing. The UN command decided there was more important work for Captain Lemaire and his men than protecting Tutsis. The peacekeepers were ordered to abandon the school in order to escort foreigners to the airport and out of Rwanda. As the soldiers left, Tutsis begged to be shot rather than left to the militia’s machetes. Within hours, the 2,000 people at the school were murdered by gun, grenade and blade. Lemaire’s contingent kept a sporadic video diary of the wretched events. At one point a shaky camera captures a sandbagged machine-gun post and a pickup truck of Hutu militiamen sweeping by. The video then focuses on the soldiers’ log. It reads: “New York didn’t agree to change the rules of engagement.” The peacekeepers were not to be permitted to save Tutsis. The camera’s microphone picks up an anonymous voice: “There are killings and New York doesn’t give a damn.”Thousands had flocked to the school for UN protection, and roaming gangs of Hutu supporters killed nearly all of them”. Close to one million Rwandans were killed in the following Genocide, amounting to twenty percent of the population.


Again, in 1995 the UN had to admit the massacre of 8,000 Bosnian Muslims in the “UN-protected” enclave of Srebrenica, where Dutch peacekeepers, (following orders from the UN) failed to stop the massacre of 8,000 Muslim men in Srebrenica, a supposedly UN “safe area”, the most notorious mass killing by the Serbs in Bosnia.

East Timor.

From 1974 to 1999 the UN refused to intervene to prevent the Timor people from systematic murder, torture and imprisonment by Indonesian Military Forces. In other countries it would have been correctly called genocide. Any voice of Timor nationalism was silenced by government murder. Only, when Australia was forced to intervene and official Indonesian forces had withdrawn, did the UN make a resolution sanctioning Australia’s intervention. Indonesian butchery of its own citizens and the people of West Papua continues to this day.


Earlier last year, Saudi Arabia was condemned by Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch for “an appalling record of violations” in Yemen, where Riyadh has already killed up to 4,000 civilians during its campaign of air bombardment on Houthi rebels since 2015. The United Nations is performing no better in the 21st Century security environment, the emergence of radical Islamic terrorism and global jihad. Ten years after the 9/11 Trade Centre massacre the General Assembly still cannot agree on a definition of terrorism.

The UN appointed Saudi Arabia to chair the United Nations Human Rights Council. Meanwhile, the U.N. offered governments such as Syria, a leading exporter of terrorism around the world, a seat on its Security Council. It grants any member state an “inalienable right” to nuclear technology (just read the fine print in the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty). And it allows countries such as Iran, North Korea, and Pakistan, all of which have broken their non-proliferation obligations, to shape global arms-control policies, yet still calls out for civilian disarmament, and our silly Australian governments pay them and carry out the UN’s policies.


In 2000, British forces under Brigadier Sir David Richards landed in Sierra Leone after the UN peacekeepers(Indian) had stood aside or fled an advance on the country’s capital, Freetown, by a notoriously brutal rebel group, the Revolutionary United Front (RUF). Several hundred of those peacekeepers had surrendered to the rebels. Brigadier Richards said, “I had a real argument with Major General Jetley the officer in charge of the Indian UN peacekeeper. “They were very reluctant to fight and that permeated quite a lot of the other contingents as well, to the point where I remember going in to the UN headquarters on my first day there in May 2000 and finding General Jetley. I said General, we’ve got to stop the RUF, you’ve got to tell your people to fight. At least hold their positions. He was very reluctant to do it.” He said, ‘India had sent its troops to monitor the peace, not enforce it.” Genenral Jetley accused the other UN peacekeeping troops, Garba and other senior Nigerians of being more interested in smuggling diamonds than keeping the peace.

Child Prostitution.

Children Rights International Network has a timeline of the “peacekeepers” atrocities.

You would not want to let Justice Kirby look after the Children.. What sort of an example is he??

Reports from Bosnia, Kosovo, Cambodia, Haiti, and Mozambique revealed a shocking trend; areas with peacekeeping forces saw a rapid rise in child prostitution. Often, soldiers would reward the children with candy or small sums of money, so they could claim the sexual relationship was prostitution rather than rape. Senior officials in the United Nations refused to condemn the peacekeepers, as they feared this public shaming would discourage nations from joining peacekeeping forces. UN peacekeepers sexually abused children in the Central African Republic. The sexual abuse of children, rape and quid pro quo sexual abuse of the impoverished in the CAR was uncovered in May 2014 and led to further disgusting cases being uncovered. The UN peacekeepers in South Sudan ‘ignored rape and assault of aid workers.’ As aid workers were assaulted in South Sudan, the UN peacekeepers sat by and ignored their pleas, despite being close enough to help the many cries for rescue, something the UN had reportedly done before when local women were raped by soldiers, right outside the UN’s main camp.

This Structure outside the UN building in New York is a symbol that in all cases Civilian Disarmament precedes Genocide.

The Rules.

The Rules that Colin seeks, should be encapsulated in every nations Constitution, such as the 2nd Amendment Bill of Right in the USA and section 7 in the British Bill of Rights as ultimately the ability for civilians to defend themselves is the only protection against government crimes against humanity. The United Nations philosophy is diametrically opposed to that basic human right and promotes total Civilian Disarmament even when it well knows that the first law of Genocide is that the Civilians be disarmed. Jews and Arminians, Cambodians and Tutsis all say, “Never let it Happen Again”and fight civilian disarmament. (Example, Jews for the Preservation of Firearm Ownership) but we taxpayers allow our government to use our money to exacerbate, and encourage organised genocide.

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