List of Prizes, Please Support These Worthy Sponsor’s

Spnsors $20,000 prizesTINY
To contact any of the following companies just click on their logo and it will take you to there website.
tasco-2dlogo-2d120 Tasco Sales Australia  $1500. Tayga Lights
Tayga Tactical 500 Lumens Re-chargable Flashlights. PRIMOS Swivel Bi Pods. PRIMOS Hog Grunters , PRIMOS Hog Squealers.
l2 Marling TINY
Raytrade $1000. For Individual Most Pigs by Weight  Marlin Rifle  30/30 336 W Laminated.

———————– Nolan’s Wholesale Albury, $250.
Lee Loading Breechlock Loading  Press and Kit.
BHwinchester TINY
logoWincheseter Winchester Australia ….Winchester Bow,  Archery Set
Owen Guns $1500. For Two man Team Prize for Most Pigs.   Stevens TINY Stevens TINY
Two. Stevens (Savage) Rifles Centrefire Model 200 ——————————–
SH Shooting222
SH Shooting Armed Scrub Buster 12g with accessories rail, chromed bores 20 inch barrels under and over. Value $1000. Scrub BusterTiney Eagle of Anatolia

Down Under2
DOWN UNDER TAXIDERMY & HUNTING  $750.00 value to  mount the largest individual pigs head .
Markus FreezeDried TINY

Power Beam $1000
small-logo_t9d1-tg FOL-HKM3X-a
PLPRO-9 Tiny
Spot Lights, Battery chargers, Hunting Knives
Alcock & Pierce, $1000.
Alcock and Peicre TINY
Compound Bow, Arrows, Archery Bag, Quiver
Alcock Rex Compaund Bow
Family Dental22
Family Dental, Judged and Awarded for  Biggest Tooth. TUSK 1st Prize $1000. Free Dental Work. 2nd Prize $ 500. Free Dental Work 3rd Prize $250. Free Dental Work
David Gibson MP Biggest Pigs Ear. $500.
David Gisbon22

Value Spika S2 8 Gun Safe.

6 Memberships to the Shooters Union. ..————————————————- feed Barn22
Gympie Feed Barn  Produce $200. Voucher.
Phoenix Firearms.
Mossberg Model 805 .22 Bolt Action Rifle. $450.
Standown Park loge
Standown Park, Voucher Certificate for $175. Accommodation, or Fuel.
Spika 22
Spika. 3T  Gun Safe with extra ammunition safe, for Longest Pigs Tail, $1000. value in overall prizes. Spika 3T tiny

Queensland Rural SuppliesTINY
Two  One Hundred Dollar Vouchers Total Value $200.

Ph: 07 5482 4087  11 Du Rietz Crt, Southside Q 4570 Email:
Two $100 vouchers for Panel Service.

4 Breastplates, Sml, S/G, Med and 1 Lrg 3 Rip/Neck Collars, Total value of $1000 value
. ————————————-
Beretta Australia $1000
znak_logo lk-m70-pssbTINY
Zastava M70 Synthetic Stainless in .243 win

Piper Imports, Knives and Hats to value of $500
Frontier Arms
Frontier Arms  Thompson/Centre Venture in 300 win mag $1000. TC Venture TINest ThompsonCentre
Pro Tactical
Pro Tactical 8 1/2 inch  Pig Sticking Knife, including sheath, 6 of them. $300. value. knv-sty014 TINY
Knife Logo MAN TINY
Smith &Wesson TINY S & Wesson KifeTINY
Two Smith $ Wesson Folding Knives value $100.
20 Bags (22 Kg) of Uncle Albers Dog Food Value $550.00

Dougs Family Meats Small
Dougs Family Meats have Donated Meat Voucher to the Value of $150. Crn Bellara Dr and Nicklin Way Sunshine Coast.
garmin-alpha-ph-au-web Tiny
Dog Masters are Donating a $1200. Garmin Aussie Legal Alpha Dog Tracking system with protective armour.

Dogmaster_logotm TINY
9544 - 52164.CDR
Bullseye Body Piercing and Tattooing are donating   two $300. dollar gift vouchers as prizes.
Hog Productions TINY
Whole Hog Productions  have kindly Donated 25  DVDs Value $400.

Media Sponsors. —————————- gympietimes_1 ———————————————— SPS-logo
Guns and Game
Wildboar Austraila
more bang for your buck
Gun Deals Click the logo above of the address below.
Thanks for the add Maxene. Inserted
Associations :
– ——————————————————————————————— FOAA tiny
20 Memberships.
Wandering Warrios s Small
5   Memberships        Donated as Prizes Value $300.00
6. Memberships Value $200.
Catering Sponsors
Graham GI PigsTINY
Supplying 60 kg Dressed Porker, the spit to cook it on and cooking it as well.
Turning the above into a tasty feast, as below.
Cooking Pigsmall
Assistance Received from Mr Charlie Horn and Serviettes
. ——————————————–

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