Send a Letter to Editor, Re ‘MP’ NOT Repesenting the People.

Send a Letter to Editor, Re ‘MP’ NOT Repesenting the People.

This Letter was printed to-day in the Gympie Times ‘Letter to The Editor’ page, David Gibson can then read this letter himself and so can 10,000 others of voters.  They will be crying in their Beer next election night.

David Gibson might not be smiling when he reads this letter in the Paper.


Letter to the Editor
Does our Member of Parliament represent the people of Gympie or the Liberal National Party?
On the 15th of November Mr Gibson with his LNP, voted with the Labour Party to affect another further ‘anchor chain’ of bureaucracy and red tape round the necks of the 15,000 licensed shooters in the Gympie Region. Mr Gibson has received, if not thousands, many hundreds of complaints from licenced shooters who have waited five months to get their licence renewed, or who have waited up to eleven months for a permit to acquire. He has received many submissions from local shooters asking him not to vote for further impositions.
Personally, I find Mr David Gibson very likeable, I enjoy the time I spend in his company, up to-date I believed he had high moral values. In comparison with the childish ignorance of most of his contemporaries who share the seats in that infamous house of ill repute, Mr Gibson shines with ability.
In parliament, on 08 Sep 2011, Mr Gibson referred to the Weapons Amendment stating.

“The LNP has a strong record of supporting law-abiding gun owners such as farmers and sporting shooters. We have long opposed the wasteful and inefficient systems introduced by this government, such as the weapons licensing management system that has seen a cost blow-out of $7.5 million so far and, more importantly, a blow-out in the time it takes to obtain a permit to acquire. We must stop targeting law-abiding gun owners and, instead, focus our resources on real criminals. We should not be afraid to look at wasteful and inefficient processes within government that provide no benefit. The current system has proven to be a costly and ineffective way to reduce the number of guns on our streets.”

We would disagree that the LNP supports law-abiding gun owners, as the National-Liberals introduced this disaster into Queensland, but after stating the above and many other worthwhile objections, anyone could be forgiven for presuming that he would join the “Noes” and not vote for this Bill. However the party discipline must have been too strong, or the ambition to go from a Shadow Minister, to a Minister too hard to put behind him, so he voted with his LNP and the Labour Party.
His electorate will suffer, sowing the wind, but David’s LNP will reap the whirlwind, as the 250,000 (47,000) licensed shooters repay the Liberal National Party for the 1997 Gun laws and every amendment since. David’s vote would not have made a difference to the outcome on the 15th Nov. Labour alone would have voted the amendments through, but if David and his party, had voted against it, the LNP could have counted on another 200,000 votes and on winning government now the Firearm Owners will ensure that the LNP does NOT regain power for at least another 14 years.
Ron Owen
24 Mc Mahon Rd
Gympie 4570


  1. Russell Luck says

    It seems when someone votes for a local member associated to a party they get a surprise package deal.
    Where does the responsibility to the electorate end and the party positioning take over?

    It would be interesting to hear or see an interview with David on this topic.

    • Dear Russell
      It would be great if David Gibson could explain it from his point of view. Please feel free to pass this on to him. I beleive that all political parties to date un constitutionaly give an honararium to the candidate which is called ‘Pre-selection” they financially back them for the campaign for a seat in parliament. They then hold that honararium, a gift as in debteness to vote on the Parties behalf. This has been the main crime that I have accused them off during the last 25 years. Fix this and we are a long way towards having a free country. Ron

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