Orlando. Our Point of View.

But Lets All Try to Wake Them UP . Send this in a message to your anti Firearm friends. ron

But Lets All Try to Wake Them UP . Send this in a message to your anti Firearm friends. ron

Orlando. Our Point of View.
(This might seem repetitive, or jumbled, but it seems to be needed to stress the principles of Freedom.)

The Age Old War, the Rights of the State versus the Rights of the Individual.

Most of us believe that we have the right to defend our families and ourselves, with firearms suitable proficient to fulfil that need. We call that a “Right of the Individual” our opposition, Gun Control groups believes the total reverse of that individual Right. They believe that the State has a Greater Right than the individual, as it is a collective right of many over the few. The right of the many to feel safe because no one is allowed to have a firearm except for the Police and Army. They believe that the State should have firearms as they need them, to disarm the individuals who own firearms and that anyone who does not bow down to their philosophy, is a gun carrying dangerous criminal, that has to be arrested by the State Police.

Firearm Owners Protect Those That Don’t.

Law Abiding Firearm Owners do not have this totalitarian policy and are quite content for those who don’t want to own firearms, those who don’t want to have them in their houses, to freely have the benefit of having armed neighbours that can protect them when they need it and by owning firearms in a situation where the real criminals do not know who has guns and who does not, give their neighbours the benefit of that free protection.

Now they Know Who is Defenceless.

This point has been lost to a large degree as since the beginning of this Century our States have been entering all information concerning Licenced Shooters and their registered firearms on Crimtrac a huge data base that is available to any crooked policeman or police employee in the world, via Interpol to sell to the real Criminal elements within our society. It also informs them of which residencies are un armed. The Gun Control Inc members that might number at best 20, have always presumed that the majority of people believed in their point of view, due to the main stream media regularly taking their side by pushing for State control over the individual. Well that idea has recently suffered a huge blow as the 2014/15 Annual Report of Crimtrac puts the number of licenced firearm owners at just under two million and the number of registered firearms at five million with an annual increase of 37% so a year later all of these figures will be increased. This is over 15 % of the voting population, these people also have wives and husbands, families and friends, all of a sudden the Individuals are a new majority as if they vote together they can make or break any political movement in this country as that figure is greater than the swinging vote.

Firearm owners have not yet organised to use this voting power, the anti firearm people who believe they have the moral high ground would scream blue murder if they did, while correctly Firearm Owners, have every right to stand up for their individual rights.

Who is Right?
If we did not have the right to life, the State could use us as it saw fit and dispose of us, in an industrial way as did the Japanese to the Chinese and the Germans to the Jews and others in World War Two. I presume that the anti firearm people would object to that policy and would agree that we human individuals have a right to life, as to propose that we do not have that Right destroys their own right to life. Of course we have religious and political ( Islam) extremists who believe that only they, have a right to life and everyone else can be disposed of, at a whim, but as they need firearms to take that right, they are not the counterbalance to this debate.

The life within a human body is only valuable if it has a mind that thinks and absorbs information, so any attack on the mind is just as detrimental as a attack to the body. So any diminishment of censorship, or freedom to think and speak out and call your Prime Minister a traitor to his country is a attack on the free mind, within the body. We cannot have a life if we are not free to exercise our minds with incoming and out going information. We also have a right to work and to feed our families, as without that right you and your families would die and lose the right to life. Hopefully you can see by now how all of our Rights are enter twined and dependent on one another. If we call the right to life the first Right the second right has to be the Right to defend it. If we have a right to have a thinking mind then that mind has a right protect it self. The mind shares the body so it is clear that any threat to either, is detrimental to the life within. All human rights that can be enjoyed are destroyed by death, so it is a Right to be able to fight to preserve that life. It is the primary right of every member of the human race. When the human life is under threat of extinction, it has the Right to defend it and protect it with any means at its disposal, the fists, the fingernail, the screams, or a tool like a knife or a firearm. If this is not allowed then all other rights are meaningless.

Gun Free Zones Remove Rights To Life.

The people in the Orlando Night Club were denied this right, as the area was a Gun Free Zone so they had no chance to defend themselves against a licensed security guard, who as a Muslim believed he had a right to kill them all. As a licenced Security Guard he could acquire any firearm he wanted, but the patrons in this Gun Free Zone due to this pacifistic reliance of State Security died defenceless. When the right to defend oneself is removed our society is in a stage of collapse. Living in fear of losings ones life and property is not Liberty, or freedom it is slavery to a perversion of what was once Justice. Human beings do not exist for the purpose of sacrificing their own lives. Without the right of self and family defence and the tools to accomplish that, then we have no rights at all. To deny us these rights is the worst kind of crime against the laws of human rights. Without that we are all disposable slaves. You chose your own path.

Ron Owen