Operation Strike Back 100% Victorious 18th Feb 2001

Ron Owen
Sun, 18 Feb 2001 02:44:37 -0800

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Message to all Firearm Owners in Australia

Operation Strike Back 100% Victorious

In 1986 Howard, Fisher, Cooper and Borbridge were all warned by the FOAA that if they continued to ignore the individual rights of Firearm Owners, traditionally their core supporters, that they, having ‘sown the wind would reap the whirlwind’. They were told in no uncertain terms via, thousands of letters, faxes personal visits by former members and in countless media interviews by our executive, that to proceed with the dictatorial Gun Laws would be political suicide. That they would end up taking all their MP’s to parliament in a bongo van.

They did not want to listen, in fact Cooper and Borbridge invited the FOAA executive to a conference, prior to the introduction of the Act and then cancelled the meeting at the last minute, saying we were considered ‘INTRACTABLE’ that means, unsubmissive, unyielding, uncompromising, and it was true. We would not compromise the rights of our members by ‘treating’ with the enemy.

The Road Back

It has taken nearly four years, countless days and many nights of burning the midnight oil by thousands of Firearm Owners throughout Australia but the Liberal, National betrayal has finally been driven to its conclusion. Every state Government that agreed to the Inter-National Gun Laws has been thrown out of office, the Nationals and Liberals as a political force in this country are now a non event. Cooper has Resigned, Fisher has resigned, Borbridge has resigned and Prime Minister Howard is riding an (at the most six months) avalanche of disenchantment into a chasm that the Liberal/National coalition will never crawl out from.


‘Bang Bang And You’re Dead’


quote by Sir Richard Court referring to One Nation’s effect on the West Australian Liberal Party.

‘One Nation’ the machine that has produced this stunning result would not have had substance if the shooters did not supply the legs. Both the Firearm Owners and Pauline have both been quoted as saying that ‘Pauline is the Train Driver and the Firearm Owners are the Engines and Wheels’. We have split Liberal and National asunder, now One Nation is the fastest growing political force in Australia’s history.

Only One More Party To Beat

Of the three Major Parties whose ‘bi-partizan’, or as I would call it ‘Tyrannical’ behaviour introduced the Inter-National Gun Laws in 1996 there is only one left. Labour. It seems that the only vehicle that has a chance of bringing Labour to its knees is, One Nation. One Nation is the only Opposition.

Labour is the last one to go, it cannot hide now behind a shield of Liberal Socialists, it’s on its own, isolated ready to be knocked off its perch.

Labour has not won an election on its merits, it offers no solutions, no fairer attitude to the electorate, it has only sat on the sidelines benefitting from the massive split in the coalition parties. As all action causes re-action. Labours 10% swing, a backlash from Liberal due to GST can soon swing to One Nation with the certainty of a ticking clock.

Let’s do it.

Ron Owen

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