Las Vegas Mandalay Massacre. Gun Controls are Not Relevant


Why Do Firearm Owners, have to be victimised yet Again?
by Ron Owen President, Firearm Owners Association of Australia.

Massive sympathy for the victims, yet within minutes the media like braying bloodhounds start yapping on about gun laws. Yes, Las Vegas has more relaxed laws than we have here in Australia, but it makes no difference that the concert was a “Gun Free Zone” or that the machine gun he used was illegal, here in Australia and in the USA. The key facts on these global events are, if you have a lot of defenceless people together they are a target, no matter if you have 30 or 30,000 or a defenceless country. Once you have a defenceless target a bad person will want to wipe them out. No gun laws in the world will stop or even hamper the plans of mass murderers. No controls will stop massacres. The French Bataclan Theatre shooting, which resulted in 130 deaths, or the 2016 Brussels airport bombing which took 35 lives or the spate of truck and car ram raids including the Nice, France massacre which alone took the lives of 86 innocent people. Do we ban cars and trucks, or do we ban Panadol after the Panadol tablet poisoner? Do we ban petrol after a fire bomb. Same to as when we have to deal with these bad people, the question has to be asked what laws or controls could stop Kim Jong-un from making a Hydrogen Bomb? What’s to stop him using it on Defenceless Australia? How long before the first Muslim Terrorist detonates a nuclear bomb on a defenceless population. It’s the same principle we cannot ban the truck, we cannot ban the machette, we cannot ban pressure cookers, we cannot ban the gun its pointless. The only solution is to organise defence.
Is defence possible, yes it is, imagine that a US president or any important political figure were present at the event. There would have been well-trained security personnel stationed to keep an eye out for snipers, with spotters and “good guy” snipers all around. When “important” people are involved, security is a matter of course, but protecting ordinary members of the public? Well, that’s just “paranoia,” we’re told. The state, of course, is highly invested in protecting its own personnel and its own interests. The public have to rely on “good luck” or be a victim.

The Police know that all of these events are vulnerable.
The Boston Herald interviewed former Boston Police Commissioner — and current Las Vegas security consultant — Edward Davis about the situation. Davis notes:
“There’s always been a fear — not so much among the security chiefs, but by the police out here, that there would be an attack. It is their worst fear coming true.”
Davis also confirms our suspicion that the safety of government personnel in the area have been a subject of worry, in regards to security. The general public? Not so much.

All of these murderous events will continue, whilst the emphasis is placed on disarming victims instead of protecting them. Bad people will always find the tools. Gun Controls are not only ‘not relevant’ the reliance on the wrong ‘fix’ increases the likelihood that it will continue to occur. History shows that Gun control, or peace treaties will never protect the defenceless.

Ron Owen
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