Jason O’Brien MP Member For Cook Answer To Questionaire.


 Maybe Shooters can contact Jason O’Brien MP Member for Cook and explain to him how he is basing his wrong opinion on Wrong information.

I’ve answered some of your questions but not all questions can be answered as simply as a yes or a no.  My experience is that not everything in life or with the law is black and white but a shade of grey.  You use the word rights a lot as well.  I’m not sure if that is the right term in some of these questions.  The ownership of a weapon is lawful under certain circumstances.  We don’t have a Bill of Rights in Australiaso I’m not sure that ownership of a weapon is a fundamental right as you seem to imply as say, for example, as the right to vote or the presumption of innocence.  Nevertheless, I have endeavoured to answer your questions as honestly and accurately as I can.    We have tthe Bill of Rights of 1688, it state Protestants should have armssuitable for their defence. Catholics had them anyway. This is instealled in Queensland Law in two Ways , one throught the Monarchs Coranation Oath, which restricts the Crousn and the Governor to give assent to law in breach of this and also it is listed as current Laws in Force in the Imperial Acts Application Act. ron

Regards Jason O’Brien MP

Member for Cook

Dear Candidate or Serving Member of the House of Representatives.
Dear Sir or/ Madam

I, Name Allan


Would like to know your feelings on firearms legislation, to gauge the support that I could give to your name and could expect in the future if your are elected. I, and my friends and club members, will direct their votes accordingly to your response in the forth coming State Elections.

We appreciate you do not have a lot of time to devote to this as you will be busy campaigning, in the New Year. So could you please just tick , or cross, or type Yes or No accordingly. Reply by mail to the above address or just click the Reply button. We will score them and send them to the FOAA s website where they will be displayed on a page, advising their members how to vote. If at any future time you wish to change your answers just alter and send back and we will amend the score accordingly.

1. Do you believe that law abiding citizens of Australia should have the right to own and use firearms for sport, tools of trade, pest eradication, collecting and hunting?
Yes / No  Yes, as per the provisions of the Weapons Act. Which is restricts all rights, so his answer is a No. 

2. Do you believe that law abiding citizens of Australia should have the right to save lives, by defending their own lives and the lives of their families and friends with firearms?
Yes / No  This sounds reasonable but there are too many complicating circumstances to say yes every single time.  Edging his Bets. 

3. Do you believe that law abiding citizens of Australia should have the right to hunt introduced species in Queensland State Forests and Crown land?
Yes / No  No.  StateForests and CrownLandmay have other titles of land over them.  Again this is not as simple as it seems.  State Land is all Crown land and belongs to all of us, Its our right to use the common land.

4. Do you believe that law abiding citizens of Australia should have the right to hunt introduced species in Queensland with Hand Guns?
Yes / No  I’m not sure that they are prohibited from doing so under certain circumstances now. They are. 

5. Do you believe that law abiding citizens of Australia should have a Long Arms Registry imposed on them ? (Which costs the Queensland tax payers millions, employs 155 full time staff, and thousand of police hours in every police stations in Queensland, and costs the shooter $30. every time he changes a firearm and has to wait sometimes 11 months to have the paperwork returned to him, during that time he cannot use the property he owns. We all believe Governments, cannot make it work, it solves no crimes, it does not save a life so it should be scrapped)
Yes / No  Don’t know about this one.  No one has ever raised it with me before.  Could you please write to be separately about this issue so I can get some background information and check some of the information you have put up here.  Thank you.  The Answer Should be no and he should find out big time from the shooters in his area that he supposedly represents.

6. Over the last twenty year Queensland politicians have followed the ‘Wrong’ principle of collectively punishing the law abiding, property owners, (that property being firearms) by prohibiting or registering that property and ignored the policing and prosecuting of the individual wrong doers. As no serious attempts by police are made to protect the community, crime increases and instead of addressing the real problem parliament again attacks the innocent property owners and prohibits even more property. This principle is immoral and should be reversed not compounded. Will you continue and support these prohibitive Acts of legislation?  Yes / No   I will support any legislation that gives police the power to make the community safer.  Crime rates have actually fallen in the last ten years. Crime Rates began to fall twenty years ago and have kept falling due to the increase in firearms in the community not because of the tin pot impositions. Many more shooters and firearms here in Australia since 1992 then 2012. Ron

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