Have Your Say BEFORE 23 Jan 2015 on the Corella Range Complex

Do you want to shoot on a 1000m range in Gympie?  Put your submission in today.

Do you want to shoot on a 1000m range in Gympie? Put your submission in today.

Have Your Say BEFORE 23 Jan 2015  on the Corella Range Complex.
Gympie Regional Council has endorsed the draft Curra State Forest Shooting Facility study for public display from 15 December 2014 to 23 January 2015.
For Ideas, Cut and Paste from the CRCA (Cooloola Range Complex Association Inc.)
Submission On Internet CRCA Ross Planning

If you don't act to retain your rights, do we deserve any advantages from what our brothers in arms win for us?

If you don’t act to retain your rights, do we deserve any advantages from what our brothers in arms win for us?

For Ideas, Cut and Paste from the CRCA (Cooloola Range Complex Association Inc.)

Submission On Internet CRCA Ross Planning

Gympie Regional Council’s Acting Mayor Cr. Tony Perrett says,

The draft study contains several options and highlights associated costs to meet the long term needs of the region’s shooting clubs. ‘This study provides the foundation of an important blue print for the region’s shooting sports,’ Cr Perret added.

Earlier this year the Minister for National Parks, Recreation, Sport and Racing granted Council in-principle support for a consolidated shooting facility in Curra (real name CORELLA) State Forest north of Gympie. The purpose of this study was to satisfy the conditions of the Minister’s support, as well as assisting Council to understand the current situation before any decisions are made. This included determining the feasibility of locating a facility of this nature within the State forest and identifying the most suitable location, having regard to current use, the interests of all stakeholders and any site constraints.

Cr Perrett acknowledged, ‘it is important Council now seek feedback from the wider community in order to fully understand the views on each of the possible options and we welcome the views of all interested parties.’

Council invites you to review the findings and have your say. The draft study can be viewed at Have your say or in hardcopy at Council’s Mary Street Office – 242 Mary Street, Gympie and the Planning and Development Office – 29 Channon Street, Gympie.

To have your say, please lodge a submission in writing to the following:

Any feedback received during this period will inform the preparation of a final report for Council’s consideration early in 2015.

For further information please contact Council on 1300 307 800 or email planningprojects@gympie.qld.gov.au.


  1. Michael Hutcheson says

    I am a resident of Gympie and also a member of North Arm Rifle Club. I have been a long range target shooter since I was a teenager … now 70 and have enjoyed the sport, as it is one of the safest, demands concentration and discipline and encourages the general public to understand and learn about firearm safety through Come & Try days.

    There are many rifle clubs within 300kms of Gympie, that only have limited space to conduct their shoots and to have a 1000 metre/yard range, would attract them to visit Gympie more often to compete in competitions over weekends, which would more than likely add to the cities economy.

    I for one, am all in favour of the proposal and back it to the hilt.

  2. john anderson says

    this is something all australians,young and old should be a part of.the so-called government will stick you in the army to suit themselves and their n.w.o. masters too ,send us off to fight the soveriegn citizens of a nother country at their will and want

  3. Craig Harris says

    A purpose built facility for shooting. Excellent idea. Would be a great way to show and educate the public that guns are not evil when used in the correct way. No other sport has these impositions placed on them, no other sport has had so little
    support from government. The staff of Minister of Police Mr Jack Dempsey informs us that
    we have 600,000 licensed shooters in Queensland which is currently expanding at 16 % per
    Some of our members attend local clubs at 9am (at weekends) and have to wait queuing until
    3 or 4 pm before they can get on a firing point to fire their first shot for the day, as others are
    there before them.
    The Corella Shooting Facility will attract shooters, competitors, firearm hobbyists and their
    families from all of Queensland ad Northen NSW to Gympie.

  4. Peter Lubinsky says

    Dear sirs and madams, when the Gympie shooting facility is operational I wish to be able to sight my firearms, work up my loads, forefil my legal obligations to retain my firearms and enjoy recreational shooting at this site. As you are aware that shooting associations have been working with the council and the state government to aquire this land for the shooting complex for over 15 years. shooting competitors and their families travel the length and breadth of Australia to compete and enjoy their sport. Recreational shooting attracts large economic benefits to the region, accommodation, fuel, food, sight seeing and purchase of many other goods to the region.
    council should take speedy advantage of the minister agreement-in-principle to assist the cooloola range complex association to develop and host the Corella (not curra) forestry southern block (wood road)for the use of the shooting sports, Gympie service rifle, shooters union, Queensland indoor air rifle association and so Gympie pistol club can then at its own pace develop 200 metre pistol centre-fire at Corella as an adjunct to its current facilities, and small bore and silhouette club can develop an extra 200metre range on the Corella site, leaving the rest of the site to accommodate any other clubs who due to future range closures needs the space to relocate i.e. cowboy action, sporting clay, colonial black powder club etc.
    thank you,
    Peter Lubinsky
    454 Abel road
    Lower Wonga. 4570

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