Freedom Depends On An Educated Voter.

Freedom Depends On An Educated Voter.

These  thoughts are not good news, or bad news, they are just as it is, and as
it has always been. They are not happy thoughts, or depressive thoughts,
just thoughts that express our current situation. A situation that at
some times looks better, but due to our collective thought patterns and
media training never really change. Well not yet, but assessing our
collective pattern, unless it gets so bad that our stomachs are stuck to
our backbones, or all out invasion, apathy will always reign against
As a student of elections, being involved in elective struggles
since I was about ten years old, many people would put me down as a slow
learner, but in reality I must be an eternal optimist. I once got it
right and the local masses even elected me to local council. An
independent. I have handed out, put signs up studied election results
for over half a century and I have now the same conclusion as I did
twenty years ago, the only reason I keep getting involved, is I believe
that just once, it may change in my lifetime.
It is not just that in  our local division council election that out of 4000 voters on the
electoral role, about a 1000 protested that they were voting under
duress, as they did not want to be fined, another 1000 did not turn up
to vote at all. Quite a few customers I know purposefully keep
themselves off the voting register so they do not get fined. Again, it
is not just the knowledge that in the last federal election more people
decided not to vote, to either get struck off the roll, vote informal or
not turn up at all, risking a fine than voted for the ruling Labour
Party. That is sad enough, knowing that good men fought and devoted
their life’s work to win the right to vote for all but what really bugs
me is that our brothers and sister fellow sufferers, ‘Do Not’ think, Do
Not make choices on issues or the individual person, they continue in
the majority to vote for which party their grandparents voted for, or if
the candidate has nice teeth, or they have been in office for years, as
don’t make a change that could be dangerous.

We are all please to  see Anna Bligh go, we are all desperately waiting for the day when we
can get rid of Anna’s sister in crime the red headed harlot in Canberra,
but I have questioned customers as to their choice in voting. In the
state elections I asked customers and shooters, ‘why were you handing
out how to vote cards for the LNP,’ Why do you brag about voting for the
LNP, they voted with Labour to give you another set of Gun Laws on
November the 15th, Why vote for the LNP when they brought John Howard’s
Un-informed Gun laws down on your head?

Why work for your enemy.
Some bleated well we just wanted to get rid of Anna. Well that would
have worked just as good, if you had voted for an independent or the
Australia Party is my response. Why donate $4.00 for your vote to their
party funds? It gets even worse, during the local elections I observed
shooters handing out how to vote cards for un-officially the LNP (not
supposed to be party politics in local elections but scratch the surface
a little and it bleeds party politics) Worse than that when the ‘arty
farty’ un official Labour hand outers were missing the LNP hand outers
would hand out for both their candidates to oppose independent
candidates. I asked some customers why they voted one way or another,
some of the responses were almost from a TV comedy script we would
laugh, but it is so sad. “I voted for X, because I did not know who he
was, I knew the other three.” “Oh I voted for Meredith, I wanted to vote
for a ‘sheila’,” “Meredith was his second name you voted for a bloke
anyway.” I said. ” I wanted to vote for the Sheila in the red shirt”.
Nothing about what the people stood for, or Rates or roads.
By about  this time, your going to be saying, what’s this to do with us shooters.
Well this Apathy has everything to do with how out sport, our hobby our
way of life is treated by those we install as our masters. Our American
cousins have a voting impact, they have hundreds of freedoms that we
have already forgotten exist, due to the simple fact that in their
country, shooters will vote with an issue. Not only that, they will
mobilise and phone up and lobby their representatives and because they
vote to protect their property, their rights and freedoms, they win.
They win because they think before they vote. They lobby their
candidates prior to the election not just moan in the local Gun Shop.
The American’s send out lists of questions and then they vote on the
answers, which results in voting, into office, pro-shooting candidates.
It is not that they are a huge majority or that they are in one club,
both of those premises are incorrect. There majority is similar to ours,
and there are many hundreds of different shooting clubs and shooting
lobby associations in the USA. The difference is, they make there votes
count for them. In Australia and the UK we do not, we get easily
sidetracked into debate on irrelevancy like the Prime Minister lost her
slipper. In more ways than one.
John Howard in 1996 had a large  majority when he decided to strike at firearm ownership he knew well,
what I have just told you above. He had utter contempt for shooters and
showed it. He knew that the shooters would still install him or his
opposition, that he still would be in government, even if they were not
in office. Campbell Newman is going to introduce another new lot of Gun
laws. As usual, they always promise that they will not harm the lawful
firearm owner but will only impact on the criminal elements. He talks of
amnesties and we all know that he does not even believe it himself,
everyone knows, it is just feel good politics. It will not change
anything, the crims will never hand their guns in, the Police will still
sell their issue pistols, or supposedly lose them, or purportedly have
them stolen and the only impact will be on the law abiding shooter. 
Campbell Newman now knows that the 255,000 licensed shooter in
Queensland are not going to vote for independents or the Australia Party
at the next election. We have given him the largest majority ever held
in parliament, he knows he can treat us all like serfs, bonded slaves
who will all vote without considering freedom, rights, ownership of
property, or self defence. Yes, and when his new rules of legislation do
not work, as they never do, he will go and produce another set of feels
good legislation. Meanwhile, their Goebbels propaganda machine will
keep the public mesmerised in ‘man bites dog’, or ‘wag the dog’
scenarios to keep the people thinking of only trivia. We used to be
free. 1984 was it science fiction??

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