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Score ZERO  Two false YES  not not score as he put proviso’s with them and his voting for shooters Human rights is deplorable. ron

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Not happy with Evan Moorhead. Leonce.  Evan Moorhead also includes false information by the use of  the words “passed”  with “support from……..most independents”. Where from Hansard 6 independents voted against the Weapons Bill and the only independent that voted with Labour and the LNP for the Bill was Peter Wellingtion MP, who has disgraced the reputation of independents on many occasions. It seems he is a Labour man who finds it easier to be elected under the name  on Independent. ron

 Thanks for the chance to respond. The Weapons legislation passed Parliament last sitting week with support from the LNP and most independents.
1. Yes, but that right should not be unlimited.
2. Yes, provided the use of firearms is necessary for self-defence.
3. No.
4. No.
5. Yes. I don’t agree with your description of the weapons registration regime.
6. The premise of the question is not correct. The allegations are not true. I support weapons legislation.
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