DO NOT GET ANGRY, Get Even with Government Depts

DO NOT GET ANGRY, Get Even with Government Depts

Dear All

Have had a few messages recently from friends that have problems with Government Departments. Well one of the main things to keep in mind is DO NOT GET ANGRY, GET EVEN, and do not spoil your main goals in life along the way. As sometimes things seem to be as large as the world, Mount Everest and in the fullness of life are all molehills. You health is the important factor, your relationships with family and friends a sure close second. Once we have that out of the way we have to plan our action, very carefully.

Imposing, but this bank manager was a real gentleman. It is rare though.
Imposing, but this bank manager was a real gentleman. It is rare though.

A Chinese philosopher Sun Tzu 2000 years of so ago in his 29 principles of the ‘Art of War’, said that, To Know Your Enemy, better than to know yourself, and you will prevail in ten thousand Battles. Now at this stage, you may think, what this got to do with my problem. Problems with Government Departments are our Battles of the modern age, depending how big the problem is depends on how much effort you have to go to, to Get Even. Even, being problem satisfied. Compensation is Even.

Know your Enemy. First find out which Acts and Regulations governs their actions, look at anything from the Public Service Act to the Act that created the department. Read the Acts and the regulations on line if you can, make notes in a word processor cut and paste anything you see relevant in the legislation into your notes. Do the same with the Act Interpretation Act 1954 all Acts and legislation is on line State and Federal. Read your notes through, read again all the correspondence, and any conflicts into your legislation notes. If you are short of things in writing contact department hound them into making decisions ASAP in writing so you can, use it refusal to make a decision leaves them open for Judicial Review (see Judicial Review Act 1990 Queensland) in court as not to make a decisions is a failure in law and you will find those non decisions are easier to win then an arguable decision.

Get back to learning all about them, So you have any friends that work in that department, No well why not apply for a job in that department, doesn’t matter that you may never get it, apply anyway as you will gain knowledge about them along the way. Check out their dustbins, their shredder may not be working. Where do they all go for lunch, who makes the morning tea, where do they live, where do they go on holiday? Do any of them have any embarrassing habits? Have good cover, for your industrial espionage do not fall foul of ‘Stalking Laws” but you need to get inside their minds , you want to find out what their strengths and weakness are. You might find they have mutual facebook friends or one of the other blogs, if they don’t you want to make sure they find un named friends. Every phone call, every meeting take a hidden recorder.

I sometimes take a old fashioned tape one and pop it on the desk in front of them and say. This is just for the record, in fact I will give you a copy of it and will even sign a Statutory Declaration to say I will give you a copy. Mostly, they say if your are going to record this meeting it ends here, the meeting is over. So then you show them the tape taken out and put away in your pocket. Then they relax a bit and continue to exploit you, you draw them out. Keep your cool, at all times, try and show them documents that make them lose their temper. You need that for your hidden electronic digital recorder. It all comes within the dossier you are building on knowing your enemy. Try and make a file on each person. Don’t feel bad about it they do it to you. When your so pally with them your almost taking holidays together, later on when you have all your info, you can phone up and cancel their bookings because you will almost be them. Only at the end do you advertise their home address for a 5 am Garage Sale, make sure they get the bill for the advertisement. Then they may want to order some Readymix concrete for their drive, this is what friends are for. When they are on holidays. We can all fantasise about these things, it does you good, but don’t really do them. Don’t break the law, make them break the law.

For example, I once ran a ‘on -line’ house and garden competition for Politicians, with a photo’s of their garden and address of course, offered a bottle of wine for the best entry. They came in from all over Australia, after the Courier Mail lambasted me for putting them on my website, I received 53 000 hits a day on the site and my server closed as it, an they ran out of band width. That would not happen today, plenty of bandwith. None of these ideas are for first up only at the end when there is no going back.

The next phase after finding everything out about them, is to plan your assault, I like to go for three main thrusts not quite simultaneously.

First attack, is with an application for Right to Information Act used to be Freedom of information, it is not free anymore but if your poverty strickened you can apply for a fee waiver only $40 or so but if you have a Fee Waiver it makes you into a threat. Puts you in a class above all other serial complainers. The public servants know about the ” man of Straw”. A persons that can take them to the High Court and back, without legal advice of any sort and when loses has nothing to lose as he or she wins nothing. Once your always bankrupt, or officially bankrupt you are the biggest threat on the block but as long as the threat is there, lets hope you do not have to go that way. If you do end up taking them to court the paper work you get a few years down the track from discovery of the matter is often done by a different public servant and very often omits documents that they gave away when the stakes were not as high. As their solicitor signs and affidavits that he has given you all the relevant paper work he can be struck off for perjury. You might win that, and have a losing case but that may get it settled your way. Same as if you get given documents with Court discovery that have not been included in your Right to Information, you have a small win. The Right to information is great as you get to look at all their documents and all their electronic documents, all there recorded phone calls with you, they are even harder to hide. On the paper documents you find your own correspondence has little hand written notes at the side and some of it is about you, that makes them look like they are discriminating against you and puts them in a poor light. Of course as your going through all the official channels ombudsmen, complaints department at the same time and you fuel those fires with the information your getting from Freedom of Information, not that you give them your hard won documents.

What you do, is use the documents to ask very embarrassing questions. When your going through all the official complaints department NEVER make the threat that you will take the original Department to Court or they are entitled to drop your matter and you get a letter saying to come back when all legal proceedings are completed, it gets them off the hook. You do not want this at this stage. If you ever take them to court you never threaten you just file.

Stage two attack is to go to your local member of parliament and even if you hate them or they hate you, or you hate their politics, they are paid to represent you and take your case to the Minister who is responsible for that department, then the ones giving you trouble have to talk up to the Ministers office, instead of talking down to you. No matter, more than likely they will just criticise you to the Minister in writing and then they will refer it back to the local MP and back to you, then you file it and use it against them.

Stage Three, the third fire on their perimeter is to have a friend, its better coming from another source than your self, as if your reporting it about your self it sound self serving, but coming from an other has more credibility and power. Go to the media, it does not matter much which one, it has more power of course if it’s a National paper or TV station but even your local radio station has power, the people giving you a hard time more than often live in your community. They don’t like there names talked about in a condescending way on the radio. They believe they have a born right to anonymity and of course you don’t. Just a journalist phoning up and asking to speak to them is enough for them to be re born again and see the light. The thought of themselves being on the 6 o clock new scurrying into there front door saying ‘no comment’, to the reporter gives them the horrors. You should not have to go to all this trouble to get them to do their jobs, but this media power can also be used in any of the above instances with ombudsmen, or politicians or those that work in there office who won’t help you. Even if the media will not help, do it yourself. Interview the public servants with your recorder and video going put them on You Tube open a lot of facebook sites pointing links at the You tube. By lighting these three fires, or more if you can, and ‘shaking their tree’, then using the information you get from one to put fuel on the fire of the other two, more often than not you get the rat that is hiding in there. If not you have generally at that stage got enough information, and if you by that time have given away all your assets, then you can become a self litigant in court, by filing on them. Of course I am not recommending that occurs, the best you can expect out of it is pain and derision for your opposition and an education for yourself as self litigants do not get awarded costs in Queensland even if you win. If you lose they take everything and bankrupt you, but if you have nothing, you still win. That’s why its important to have nothing if your expecting a war with our government or banks. For Revision the first step of finding everything out about your problem and enemy is where the whole thing is either won or lost, as you must have that to cross reference the other stuff you get from Stage one, two and three come into play. Hope these methods help they have served me well in lots of scraps.

Ron Owen


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