Darren Hunt candidate for Cairns

Still won’t answer Q5.  Obviously supports firearm registration.  Paddy Puts it well


Dear Paddy
Sent: Tuesday, January 24, 2012 11:57 AM
Hi Ron,
I sent off your suggested email when you sent it out to me @ subscribed addy) before xmas & never got one reply…funny that!
Just got your newsletter & fired this off to the KAP hopefuls in my district. Got an immediate reply from D Hunt which follows…interesting to see that SSAA (almost useless bastards…in my opinion & I’ve been a member for around 30 years) support & fund KAP.
This dribble is typical Pollie speak. Sez SFA.
Keep up the good work.
Sent: Tuesday, January 24, 2012 11:32 AM
Subject: RE: Your reply is appreciated
Hi Paddy,
As the candidate in your electorate I am more than happy to put my point of view forward. I would also welcome the opportunity to meet with your members/friends/associates in any location face to face and explain my/our party position. Our party is financially and publicly supported by the SSAA. The official policy for release is currently being finalised as we speak, but Bob Katter has made our position very clear on where we stand in relation to law abiding Australians entitled to own and use firearms. Bob has made our position very clear on the right of law abiding citizens to use firearms to protect and defend themselves and their loved ones who’s lives are in danger from attack from animals, whether they have four legs or two, wings or scales.
I was introduced to firearms from a young age. With a family of cane farmers we used firearms to disperse birds, that would destroy cane paddocks, as well as feral pigs.
I have hunted feral animals using firearms and dogs/knives.
I have used firearms to protect other farmers stock from attacks from feral animals when I was with the Queensland police.
I have used firearms in my duties when I was with the Qld police as well as at firearms ranges in the Cairns and surrounding areas.
The changes I would like to see are greater penalties for people who use firearms illegally such as in armed robberies, as opposed to minor breaches for the sake of breaches, and targetting them as opposed to grouping all responsible/law abiding firearms owners in the one group.
I would like to see a streamlining of the ridiculous “Permit to acquire” system.
I would like to see real time updates from coutrts that allow dealers and suppliers to be able to check immediately if a person has been disqualified from holding a firearm licence so that responsible owners are not impacted by the actions of the irresponsible.
I would like to see if you can be licensed for a class of weapon why do you have to go through the dramas to buy another one in the same category. There’s no limit whether you own 1 or 100. You should be able to show your licence, dealer checks it’s current and for class being purchased, serial number sent by computer to weapons owner signs book he/she received it.DONE!
I hope this helps. Please feel free to give me a call on the number below if you require any details or would liek to meet up.
Darren Hunt
Candidate for Cairns
P.O Box 614 Bungalow
Mob. 0429897561
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From: Albert

Sent: Tuesday, 22 November 2011 8:15 PM
To: Darren Hunt

Subject: FW: Your feelings on firearms legislation


Darren many thanks for your prompt reply, re Question 5,
 prior to the Port Arthur massacre in the mid 1990’s Qld had a very relaxed attitude to Firearms I remember purchasing my first rifle ,a .22 and walking down a crowded George street Brisbane with it barely wrapped in brown paper no one took a bit of notice. There was no gun registry then and after it was introduced what did it do, just let the authorities know who had registered sporting equipment. The Criminals in our community still had firearms but did not register them so the police where none the wiser. This act merely made it more difficult and costly for the sensible law abiding citizen to go about enjoying their pastime and did nothing to curb the criminal use of firearms. I believe the costly monster called the Weapons registry should be done away with. Failing that, the permit to acquire system requires a good overall to economically allow sensible law abiding citizens to acquire and use their sporting equipment without impediment as long as they do not upset or endanger other members of the community.
I trust this answers you query?
regards Albert.


From: Darren Hunt []
Sent: Tuesday, 22 November 2011 7:02 PM

To: Albert

Subject: RE: Your feelings on firearms legislation


In order to answer this honestly, in relation Q.5 are you advocating for their to be no register of ownership of firearms at all or is the issue with the current hopeless permit to acquire system we have to endure in Qld?
Darren Hunt
Candidate for Cairns
P.O Box 614 Bungalow
Mob. 0429897561

From: Albert

Sent: Monday, 21 November 2011 3:49 PM

To: Stephen Beck; Lachlan Bensted; Justin Bowman; Kevin Brown; Damian Byrnes; Gordon Dale; Ashley Dodd; Steve Ensby; Dean Fisher; Brendan Fitzgerald; munding burra; Ray Grigg; Shane Guley; Darren Hunt; Bob Jarvis; Robbie Katter; Brandt King; Jeff Knuth; Mark Maguire; John Mathison; Peter McCambridge; Graeme Moorhouse; David Neuendorf; Albert Page; Peter Pyke; Ron Wadforth; Matthew Smith; Lindsay Temple; Steve Todeschini; Ron Wadforth; Margaret Waterman
Subject: Your feelings on firearms legislation


Firearm Ownership Defines the Quality of Individual Freedom.
Firearm Owners ‘Hundreds of Thousand of them are Waiting for Answers. Dear  Candidate or Serving Member of the House of Representatives.
Dear Sir or/ Madam
I  Name …………Albert…………………………      Address  QLD……………..             ………4507………………….
 would like to know your feelings on firearms legislation, to gauge the support that I  could give to your name and could expect in the future if your are elected. I, and my friends and club members, will direct their votes accordingly  to your response in the forth coming  State Elections.
We appreciate you do not have a lot of time to devote to this as you will be busy campaigning, in the New Year. So could you please just tick , or cross, or type Yes or No accordingly. Reply by mail to the above address or just click the Reply button.  We will score them and send them to the FOAA s website where they will be displayed on a page, advising their members how to vote. If at any future time you wish to change your answers just alter and send back and we will amend the score accordingly.
1. Do you believe that law abiding citizens of Australia should have the right to own and use firearms for sport, tools of trade, pest eradication, collecting  and hunting?
Yes / No
 2. Do you believe that law abiding citizens of Australia should have the right to save lives, by defending their own lives and the lives of their families and friends with firearms?
Yes / No
 3. Do you believe that law abiding citizens of Australia should have the right to hunt introduced species in Queensland State Forests and Crown land?
Yes / No
 4. Do you believe that law abiding citizens of Australia should have the right to hunt introduced species in Queensland with Hand Guns?
Yes / No
 5. Do you believe that law abiding citizens of Australia should have a Long Arms Registry imposed on them ?     (Which costs the Queensland tax payers millions, employs 155 full time staff, and thousand of police hours in every police stations in Queensland, and costs the shooter $30. every time he changes a firearm and has to wait sometimes 11 months to have the paperwork returned to him, during that time he cannot use the property he owns. We all believe Governments, cannot make it work, it solves no crimes, it does not save a life so it should be scrapped)
Yes / No
 6. Over the last twenty year Queensland politicians have followed the ‘Wrong’ principle of collectively punishing the law abiding, property owners, (that property being firearms) by prohibiting or registering that property and ignored the policing and prosecuting of the individual wrong doers. As no serious attempts by police are made to protect the community, crime increases and instead of addressing the real problem parliament again attacks the innocent property owners and prohibits even more property. This principle is immoral and should be reversed not compounded. Will you continue and support these prohibitive Acts of legislation?
Yes / No
 We will score the questions at 10 points per question, recommended Candidates will have 60 points.
Firearm Ownership Defines the Quality of Individual Freedom.
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