Commensense from the Past

Commensense from the Past
Alan Jones Today Show Editorial
GUN BUYBACK 17 June 2003

Not a Knee Jerk Reaction but Their Final Solution.

Not a Knee Jerk Reaction but Their Final Solution.

“I can tell you, there is positive outrage at what the Prime Minister is trying to do in relation to another handgun buy-back from July 1.”

“Police vans will be touring the countryside, seizing and destroying handguns and paying compensation to owners, and with the money in compensation, owners will just buy another gun of an approved barrel length.”

“But this involves a phenomenal amount of taxpayers’ money that could be spent elsewhere.”

“No-one who writes to me seems to be able to understand why we have buy-backs when the only people handing in the guns are the people who aren’t breaking the law.”

“No-one has ever seen a criminal queuing up to hand in their weapons.”

“But the worst feature of all of this is that it’s a government policy fashioned independently of all research.”

“The latest Australian Bureau of Statistics Report demonstrates that the most up to date figures show 49 people in Australia killed with firearms.”

“And this is not just with handguns, which we are going to buy back, but rifle as well.””49. ”

“You might recall in 1996, a fellow broke into the Dunblane Primary School in Scotland and opened fire on a class in a gym, killing 16 children and a teacher.”

“Suddenly handguns were banned.”

“London’s Daily Telegraph editorialised earlier this year and I quote, “The increased use of handguns bears out criticism that the ban imposed after Dunblane took weapons out of the hands of law abiding, shooting club members, rather than criminals, and had no impact on gun crime.”

“Whereas, in America, since 1986, more than 25 States passed laws encouraging people to carry concealed handguns and an academic, Dr. Gary Mauser, recently wrote about this, “As surprising as it is to the media, these new laws have caused violent crime rates to drop, including homicide rates.”

“At a time when there is no money for the disabled, the mentally ill, or to improve the quality of aged care, the government has spent over $500 million in the Port Arthur gun buy-back and now, more than $100 million is proposed to be spent from July 1 onwards on a gun buy-back that will do nothing to reduce the incidence of crime.”

“This is madness.”

“49 people have died in one year on the latest available statistics from firearms.”

“And that includes rifles as well as handguns.””49.”

“So buy-back handguns.”

“Well 50 pre-school aged children died in swimming pools last year – do we close swimming pools or buy them back.”

“80 people died in boating accidents.”

“What are we going to do about boats.”

“60 people died on beaches last year.”

“Spare us the thought!”

“If this is called public policy, we need to start again.”

“Says it all really.”

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