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Tue Apr 30, 2013 1:49pm

I normally don’t bother you with a Bulletin  until the end of the month, but because of the  response of the Minister of Police to our  call for the ending of the PTA debacle, due  to the Amnesty example proving that it was  legislatively un necessary, I had to report  this to you, so you could immediately  respond.

On Tuesday the last day of the Queensland  Firearm Amnesty I was invited to make a pre  recording for the ABC News. (See Link above) It was only for  a few minutes and I wanted to establish  that the main point of the Amnesty was the  fact that the Queensland Police Service  could allow firearms to be registered to  Shooters licences by licenced dealers. That  10,900 had been done that way in the  previous 3 months it was the major function  and activity of the amnesty.  I pointed out  that, no legislation changes were needed if  it was possible for the previous 3 months  it was possible to continue this system  indefinitely and do away with the  imposition of the Permit to Acquire system  which for each registration cost $32.20 and  in many cases many weeks wait, and expends  many hours of police department staff.

Neroli Roocke the radio journalist was  right on the ball, she understood perfectly  that if it was possible for the  registration to be done on the spot, with  no change to the legislation and for that  to be carried out for 3 months then the  delayed PTA system was just an imposition,  like a fine for being innocent. I explained  to her that the Amnesty proclamation was  just a provision in the Weapons Act 1990  section 168B that had not changed any  legislation on registration or the  paperwork involved, that the PTA was just  an application fee and form and that it was  only up to the Queensland Police to demand  it. Obviously, they had just proved that  they could function without the PTA,  without any legislative changes. So why at  the end of the Amnesty should the  Queensland Police impose it on the public  of Queensland. There was no date in the  legislation for the removal of the PTA  system and then imposed it again on the 1st  of May 2013, as the legislation itself does  not impose it at all, it is just a  requirement of the Queensland Police and  the Regulations only allow the $32.20 fee  to be charged for the application.

At about 1.45 she had the Minister for  Police Mr Jack Dempsey one air, he made  statements such as,

“People are bring in 202s to 303s, single  repeat firearms, after today if your caught  with a concealable in your possession you  will be going to jail for a minimum of one  year. He said that the busiest section had  been in North Coast area, other wise pretty  even. The majority have come into licenced  Dealers.

Then Neroli Roocke  played him an edited  and shortened recording of her discussion  with me. I described the two systems the  PTA, pay $32 and wait and the one  registration form for the amnesty where a  dealer establishes that they the category  of firearm is on the licence and then fills  out the form with firearm details, fax’s it  away to QPS, gives the customer a copy and  customer leaves with his firearm.

Neroli Roocke said,

“Mr Dempsey what do you think about making  that change, getting rid of the Permit to  Acquire for existing licenced gun owners”

Jack Dempsey said,

“There are certain aspects, I actually  agree with Mr Owen in relation to getting  rid of some of the bureaucracy, and that’s  what they have done since we have got in to  government, we set up for the first time in  Queensland a Weapons Advisory Panel, that  actually meets in with the Federal Advisory  Panel and a part of that Panels constant  meetings is getting a balance without  compromising the stringent checks and  balances required to get a licence.”

Neroli Roocke,

“I guess he says it has been working for  three months, can it continue as a  permanent change.”

Jack Dempsey,

“Then that’s exactly what we are looking  at, as because we are modernising the  computerising of the applying for a licence  when we want to maintain the high standard.  But the process of getting a licence we  want to shorten because we understand there  are still ways to improve it and  will  continue to look to improve it.”

Well that all sounded great, didn’t it? I  had a few phone calls from people who  thought that we had won, it would all  happen Congratulations all round.

Unfortunately, once I had heard the  recording of what Minister Jack Dempsey  said, I realised it was just another fob  off, that he did not understand anything  about the Weapons Act legislation that he  imposes on us. By what he said, even if he  had the good intentions, he was to remote  from our reality to act for us. He would  only listen to his advisors, the Queensland  Police Force. We had a politician here in Gympie some years ago, He was called, “The Mirror” as for twenty years when ever he was asked a question on anything , his answer was, “We are looking into it”. 

This has been our best chance to remove the  PTA system, as the example has now been  well set. The only real mention of the  Permit to Acquire System is in

Part 8 of the Weapons Regulation 1996 Section 55 Applying for permit to acquire

“An application for a permit to acquire may  be made only— (a) at a police station or police  establishment; or (b) in a way published on the QPS website  including, for example, by submitting the application  online.”

As this is not restrictive, it does not  prohibit any other method of registration,  this allows the Queensland Police to  approve of any other method of registration  that suits them. That is why they could  accept registrations on the spot by  Dealers, or by police stations during the  Amnesty.

If our Police Minister had known this and  truly wanted to cut the bureaucracy and  expense out of his public service he could  have said that, he could direct the  Queensland Police Service to accept on the  spot registrations from licenced firearm  dealers, from that day on.
Of course, by either ignorance or guile he  misled the listener’s as that 1 year  mandatory jail sentence does not appear for  just possession of a concealable firearm,  the nearest to it in the Weapons Act is      
50A Possession of unregistered firearms
(1) A licensee must not possess an  unregistered firearm.
Maximum penalty, 120 penalty units.

Jack Dempsey mentions the  Minsters  Advisory Panel and says, “we set up for the  first time in Queensland a Weapons Advisory  Panel.” 
There were Minister Advisory Panel on  firearm legislation prior to the Weapons  Act of 1990 and the Minister Advisory Panel  was first legislated in Weapons Act 1990 in  section 150 in amendment No. 41 section 27  1996. How could he Police Minister believe  that his was the first? It never done much, but they have been meeting for  years.

Jack Dempsey states, the Advisory  Panel   “that actually meets in with the  Federal Advisory Panel.” I phoned and asked  one of the panel members, he stated, “No  they have not met with any Federal Advisory  Panel”.  

Even if they did, it would be totally  incorrect for any influence on our State  laws. We pay the Minister and our members  of parliament to represent the people of  Queensland and to do our bidding, they are not  there to represent the wishes of the  Federal government or its advisory panel.

Jack Dempsey states, “and a part of that  Panels constant meetings is getting a  balance without compromising the stringent  checks and balances required to get a  licence.” That would be nice, but is it  misleading as the Panel is not “constant” it has not met since  December 2012 and without notice cannot  meet before June.  Jack Dempsey says he is considering it, but in reality it is  obvious that he will do nothing until we  bring further attention to this imposition.  The Queensland Police are basically  imposing a $32.20 fine on every firearm  transaction at their own violation. The  Police who read the Weapons Act must be  smugly laughing at us all. Please all  contact your shooting organisations, you  pay your dues ask them, what are they doing  to protect your sport, your hobby and your  way of life, have they made a submission to  remove the PTA system? Could you see it please?

Please contact your local members of  parliament and explain it to them. Don’t leave it for the others,  only count on yourself as our complacent  brothers and sisters are the real cause of  our bondage. We all have to inform our  shooting mates and motivate them.

Turn the Lambs into Lions let them know  that they are being Fleeced.

Send and email like this just change your  address or the words.

Firearm Owners Association of Australia.

24 Mc Mahon Rd, Gympie, 4570      

07 54825070

Hon Jack Dempsey MP  Member for Bundaberg  Minister for Police and Community Safety

GPO Box 15195, City East QLD 4002 Brisbane  QLD 4000 tel: 323 90199  fax: 3221 9987

Submission. Please Remove the QPS Imposed  $32.20 Fee and Application Form.

Dear Sir,

Could you please reply and inform me why  you have not yet directed your Department  of the Queensland Police to register  firearms to Queensland Shooters Licences  without the Permit To Acquire and $32.20  fee? Why cannot Licenced Firearm Dealers  register our firearm acquisitions in the  same fashion as the 10,000 plus firearms  registered between February to April 30th  2013, ‘On the Spot’, replacing the Permit  to Acquire system? Please do not waste  yours staffs time and our time with side  stepping blather. As in your comments on  ABC radio Tuesday 30th April, Re- Ministers Advisory  Panel, which has not met for six months and  if you don’t call the meeting will not meet  at all. This has nothing to do with the  panel, the Queensland Police have proved  that they chose to either impose the PTA  requirement, or not. Are you in charge of  the Queensland Police, or not? If not  please resign, so someone else can do the  job properly. Please reply as soon as possible?

Yours Ron Owen.


Please forward a copy of whatever you send  to your local member of parliament, we must  keep them informed of what is going on.

Ron Owen

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