78 Thieves Stole More of Your Rights. 6 Hero’s Defended Them.

 78 Thieves Stole More of Your Rights. 6 Hero’s Defended Them

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AYES, 78—
 Attwood, Bates, Bleijie, Bligh, Boyle, Choi, Crandon, Cripps, Croft, Darling, Davis, Dempsey, Dick, Dickson, Douglas, Dowling, Elmes, Emerson, Farmer, Finn, Flegg, Fraser, Gibson, Grace, Hinchliffe, Hobbs, Hoolihan, Hopper, Horan, Jarratt, Johnson, Johnstone, Jones, Kiernan, Kilburn, Langbroek, Lawlor, Lucas, McArdle, Menkens, Miller, Moorhead, Mulherin, Nicholls, Nolan, O’Neill, Palaszczuk, Pitt, Powell, Reeves, Rickuss, Roberts, Robertson, Robinson, Ryan, Schwarten, Scott, Seeney, Shine, Simpson, Smith, Sorensen, Spence, Springborg, Stevens, Struthers, Stuckey, Sullivan, van Litsenburg, Wallace, Watt,Wellington, Wells, Wendt, Wettenhall, Wilson. T: Keech, Male

 NOES, 6—
Cunningham, Knuth, McLindon, Pratt. Messenger, Foley

The Betrayal.
If you wrote to any of the LNP members and received a response it would have talked glowingly about the LNP s efforts to protect firearm owners.  Well when the blarney is over. They show their real colours, the are the Quislings the collaborators of modern times. Please write and support the brave six  who voted No.

We did not lose.
We did not lose, as such. The thousands of submissions recieved by the members, some of them read out by Mrs Cunningham has told parlaiment that there is a force out there in the electorates that they have to deal with. They know that 200,000 firearm owners, (47,000 recent ones) are going to dictate the next election. (Coming Soon). They are afraid, there worst fear is that this 200,000 or 250,000 votes are not unified, they are not controlled by one organisation, they cannot infiltrate that organisation, they cannot buy off that organisation. Ultimately they will lose for this days betrayal. 

Ron Owen


  1. Andrew Mochrie says

    I have had a gut full of these cowards. They truely make speaking half truths an art form. The only answer is to start making noise and to bring it squarely into the public arena, and to vote these blots on society out. Does anyone know if there is an Australian Party candidate for Hervey Bay.

    Andrew Mochrie

  2. bruce blair says

    I wouldnt trust ANY POLIE in this country, their in for their own good and nobody else. Make gun ownership compulsory.

    Well thats not a new angle many local governments in the USA such as Kennasaw, make it compulsary and if a house owner has no firearm the council supplies one. Of course they have been rewarded with a very low crime rate. One of these towns that do that was the town that shot up Bonnie & Clyde who made the fatal mistake of arriving for them in the wrong town. ron

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