At Last An Answer From ANNA.

At Last An Answer From ANNA.
Of course she does not win any points at all,
(Anna has been using this figure of licenced shooters 160,000. for nearly three years, she must not have read about the 16 % increase per year and there figure of 255,000, we had 47,000 just last year. the purpose of this is to make us seem insignifificant. We have to show them otherwise. In the last paragraph it gropes for power on the receding crime rate, the 6.0clock news might not agree with her but if it is true it must be due to the huge increase in firearm imports and sales over the last ten years. ron)

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Dear Mr Harr,……
Thank you for your email to the Premier of 12 December 2011 regarding the Bligh
Government’s position on firearms legislation.
The Premier has asked me to respond to you on her behalf.
Community safety is a priority of the Bligh Government. The Government is committed
to ensuring Queensland’s weapons laws strike the right balance between the need for
community safety and the legitimate interests of weapons users and owners. Weapons
control and the associated licensing and registration systems are fundamentally
important components to making our communities safe and secure.
1. Do you believe that law abiding citizens of Australia should have the right to own and
use firearms for sport, tools of trade, pest eradication, collecting and hunting?
The use and possession of weapons (including firearms) in Queensland is regulated
under the Weapons Act 1990 (the Act). The act stipulates that a person is able to
possess a firearm in Queensland, so long as that person holds the appropriate licence. I
am aware that the overwhelming majority of the 160,000 licence holders are honest
reliable members of the community.
Depending on the type of licence, a person will be entitled to acquire, possess and use
the relevant weapon based on that person’s individual circumstances. A person is also
able to be licensed to possess more than one category of firearm if there is a genuine
reason for that possession. Further, an unlicensed person may use a firearm either at an
approved range; in certain aspects of primary production; at a shooting gallery or when
supervised in theatrical or film performances.
2. Do you believe that law abiding citizens of Australia should have the right to save
lives, by defending their own lives and the lives of their families and friends with
A person may only be issued with a licence to possess a weapon if they have a genuine
reason to possess the weapon. Self defence is not a genuine reason for the possession
of a weapon. Section 57(6) of the Act provides that it is not a reasonable excuse to carry
a weapon in a public place for self-defence purposes.
3. Do you believe that law abiding citizens of Australia should have the right to hunt
introduced species in Queensland State Forests and Crown land?
Hunting in State forests and on Crown land is prohibited in the absence of a permit or
authority. Section 14 of the Forestry Regulation 1998 creates an offence for the
possession of a restricted item in a State forest. A restricted item includes a firearm or
other weapon capable of discharging an arrow, bullet, shot or other missile.
A licence for the genuine reason of recreational shooting (hunting) can only be issued
where an applicant is able to produce the written permission of a landowner authorising
the applicant to shoot on their rural land.
4. Do you believe that law abiding citizens of Australia should have the right to hunt
introduced species in Queensland with Hand Guns?
While there is no species specifically classified as game for hunting purposes, a
recreational shooter, who is a member of a recreational shooting club, may hunt
introduced species that are feral or pest animals on private land where the landowner
has provided written permission.
A person wishing to apply for a recreational shooters licence may apply to possess and
use a category H (concealable) firearm. However, a.concealable firearms licence does
not automatically authorise the possession or use of a weapon for recreational shooting.
The applicant must show a need for that category of firearm and the possession and use
of a category H firearm must be approved for that purpose by the Weapons Licensing
5. Do you believe that law abiding citizens of Australia should have a Long Arms Registry
imposed on them?
The Australian Police Ministers’ Council (APMC) met on 10 May 1996 to discuss national
uniform gun controls. At the meeting Police Ministers from all Australian jurisdictions
agreed to implement nationally consistent legislation to give effect to a wide range of
resolutions, including the establishment of a national scheme for the registration of all
firearms. The Weapons Amendment Act 1996, amended the Act to implement these
resolutions .
. 6. Over the last twenty year Queensland politicians have followed the ‘Wrong’ principle of
collectively punishing the law abiding, property owners, (that property being firearms)
by prohibiting or registering that property and ignored the policing and prosecution of
the individual wrong doers. As no serious attempts by police are made to protect the
community, crime increases and instead of addressing the real problem parliament
again attacks the innocent property owners and prohibits .even more property. This
principle is immoral and should be reversed not compounded. Will you continue to
support these prohibitive Acts of legislation?
The prevention and investigation of offences involving the possession and or use of
illegal firearms throughout the state is a priority of the Queensland Police Service (QPS).
It pays particular attention to the theft of concealable firearms and conducts investigation
to identify the source or sources of firearms recovered in connection with the commission
of serious crimes:
Further, the Organised Crime Group within the State Crime Operations Command of
QPS is committed to bringing those responsible for weapons offences in connection with
the commission of serious crimes to justice. It conducts investigations and operations in
relation to suspected illegal firearm trafficking and major crimes involving the use of
firearms. It works closely with regional criminal investigation branches and interstate
jurisdictions; and where appropriate federal agencies in cases involving suspected
There is clear evidence that these initiatives are working; crime in Queensland has
steadily decreased over the last decade as a result of this Government’s successful
approach to policing. The latest QPS Annual Statistical Review shows that – for the tenth
consecutive year – the overall rate of crime in Queensland has fallen, by three per cent
this year and by 30 per cent between 2000 1 01 and 2010 /11 . Further, over the same
period , as published in the related QPS Annual Statistical Reviews, the rate of Weapons
Act offences in Queensland, per 100,000 people has decreased considerably from 128
to 74.
I trust this is of assistance.
Yours sincerely
N ick William
Sen  Advisor

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