1998 Press Release

Our Press Release published on the 2nd June 1998, shows that not much has changed in Queensland politics.

Firearms Owners Association of Australia


State Election & Gun Laws

2nd June 1998

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Today, Premier Borbidge has openly admitted that his and John Howard’s Gun Laws are going to cost him the election. He has previously admitted that the loss of just one seat would cost him government. The polls are seriously giving the seat of Gympie to One Nation, effectively losing that Blue Ribbon seat.

Today his Police Minister Russel Cooper issues a press release, called

Coalition Will Never Desert Shooters : Cooper.

Which reiterates what he has said in parliament.

He states “that the Coalition is the only practical choice to allow the fight to continue for the interests of Legitimate Firearm Owners and Shooters“,

He says funnily enough, “there were those who sought to woo gun-owners for purely political purposes

We would ask him “What is he doing in this Media Release”.

He then goes on to suggest that if we support him he will introduce “ improvements and refinements to the current laws” .

We say “much to Little, Much to Late”. He betrayed all Firearm Owners on May 10 1996.

He says “We will never walk away from them“.

We say, “He walked in May 1996 when he prostrated himself before John Howard’s Gun Laws”

He says “ It was of fundamental importance that any new laws be Logical, Workable and Practical.”

We say “this is hilarious, there is not a shooter in Queensland who does not know that Coopers Gun Laws are illogical, un-workable, and impractical. Forbidding people from defending themselves, and inconveniencing all Firearm Owners at a huge expense for the Tax payers when they themselves admit that it does not at all reduce the misuse of firearms, in fact historically increases it. To reduce crime with Firearms it is necessary to arm the good citizens, not disarm them. Prohibition did not work with alcohol and it does not work with firearms.

He, says “the Legitimate interests of Firearm Owners were pursued with vigour by myself“.

We say “he refused to meet with any members of our Association in 1996, and stated to the Courier Mail it was because we were “irretraceable” . Its true, we will not comprise the rights of our members.

He says ” The gun law regime forced on Queensland from Canberra would have been more stringent and unacceptable had the Queensland Government not taken the stance it did and fought for a better outcome“.

We say, Who does he think he is trying to kid. People who haven’t read the Constitution, people who have not read John Howard’s Uniform Gun Laws. In many cases his Illegal Gun laws exceed the uniform gun laws. We know that he is aware that the Federal Government has no Constitutional power to intervene in Queensland State Legislation unless he and his cronies give away that power to the Commonwealth. We have not succeeded in finding one shooter who does not find gun laws obnoxious. We have not succeeded in finding one shooter who is not filled with anger at the betrayal by the National / Liberal Coalition.

I announced on May the 10th 1996, that Coopers gun laws would destroy the National Party. It would. This prophecy has come true. They have lost hundreds of thousands of dollars in Campaign funds. They cannot get a Quorum at their annual General Meetings. They have been forced to sell their headquarters in Brisbane and in Canberra, and are reduced to auctioning one another’s rubbish. They are dead, but not yet buried. Maybe the Sunday after the next election will be the appropriate day for the funeral.

Coopers Government will go the same way as the Unsworth Government, and Howard’s Government will go the same way as the Borbidge Government. Shooters have long memories. Mrs Cunningham was the only representative that did not vote for Coopers Gun Laws.

Jimmi Hendrix
FOAA Media Liaison Officer