‘Our Hero’s’ who voted against the LABOUR/LNP Coalition Weapons Amendment Bill of 2011,

The Letter below Was sent ont he 18th November 2011  to ‘Our Hero’s’ who voted against the LABOUR/LNP Coalition Weapons Amendment Bill of 2011,

Mrs (Liz) Cunningham

Mrs Dorothy Pratt

Mr Chris Foley

Mr Aidan McLindon

Mr Rob Messenger


Mr Shane Knuth

An Open Letter toMrs Cunningham, Mrs Dorothy Pratt, Chris Foley, Rob Messenger, Aiden Mc Lindon, Shane Knuth.

After reading Hansard of the 15th November 2011 and being very pleased to see that six valiant defenders of the rights of Queenslanders, voted against the latest Weapons Bill 2011, one of those, being yourself. I felt moved to write to you to thank you on behalf of myself, and the law abiding firearm owners of the State. Even though we knew that the thousands of submissions we sent to the members of parliament would make no difference to the outcome, this time, your actions combined with the other five will enable us to publish the infamous names of those that voted for it.
We also realised that our little show of force at this date would go to remind the LNP on the next election day, of why they lost again. When they are looking at the tally board they will remember the 15th of November 2011. I’m sure the 250,000 licenced firearm owners, multiplied by 6 for their families and friends, will all vote accordingly, against the coalition of LNP/LABOUR in the forth coming election.
The LNP either, have to face complete extinction as a party or, change their voting pattern, and stop betraying the people of Queensland, stop voting with Labour and be an effective opposition. They have to accept that Russell Coopers Gun Laws are a billion dollar debacle. The Long Arm registry, has solved no crimes or saved any lives, is just a useless imposition on the people of Queensland and they should commit to scrapping the Long Arm Registry, or face political oblivion. In fact, the reaction to the National Party betrayal of Firearm Owners the National Party as an entity ceases to exist.
I read the earlier speeches and the ones of the 15th of November. I always had a very low opinion of the morals, intellect and lack of ability to read, of your contemporaries in the established main parties. Reading those pages shows that the majority of major party politicians must be chosen for their ability to be primary school bullies, lying, bickering, spoilt ignoramus whose sole skill is to join in the gang and steal one another’s jelly beans. Excepting the valiant few from your independent and Australian party, the level of debate could be heard in the primary school toilets, name calling, uninformed, ill read garbage.
One of the Crowns Minister’s Mr Roberts, a member of the cabinet, an advisor to the Governor in Council, made it very plain that he had not read the Weapons Act 1990, or the Regulations, that he had not read the amendments that he was proposing, that he did not understand the effect of the provisions within those clauses and what’s more had no idea of the doctrine of the sovereignty of the Parliament, and his function is a part of it. He referred to a definition of a magazine, that is within the current Act that includes the word ‘detachable’, yet was oblivious that sovereignty of parliament doctrine ensures that the words in his current amendments replace and repeal the previous definition. A magazine will now be defined as the “capacity of the weapon”, a box that holds ammunition will be just a separate box and the firearm may only have the capacity of one as the space in the chamber, once the box is removed. Ludicrous. I will not bother you with the other Monty Python idiocies within the amendments as sadly, even though they are so bazaar they still will wreck further havoc on the law abiding firearm owners of Queensland.
Thank you again for standing above the crowd.
Ron Owen J.P (Qual)
24 Mc Mahon Road
Gympie, 4570


  1. Thany you Ron and all the other FOAA members and supporters for keeping up the pressure on the traitorous MPs who supported the draconian anti-gun Bill.
    Our six heroes will have increasing support leading up to the next election, but the traitors will be watched carefully for vulnerabilities to be exploited in the same period.
    Keep up the Freedom Struggle!

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