Who amongst us is Free?

Who amongst us is Free?  Not Free to go to Westpac, or Free to go to ANZ, but really Free??      
Did we vote ourselves into Slavery, Again?

Are you Free to Defend Yourself, with your Firearms?

In the last edition of the Owen Gun Bulletin, I Asked why shooters had voted Liberal/National Party when,
“they voted with Labour to give you another set of Gun Laws on November the
15th, Why vote for the LNP when they brought John Howard’s Un-informed
Gun laws down on your head? Why work for your enemy?”
Well just this last week, the Liberal in NSW pushed through with the help of the
Greens and Labour the legislation to impose Ammunition Registration.
Maybe, this is there way of teaching shooters to vote for independents.
Independents are much more dependent on their electorate. They do not
have the Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dummer, who vote Lib/Lab because their
granddaddy did.
Free people own property Slaves don’t.

As soon as you cannot freely use your property it is not really yours.
If you cannot dispose of property it is not really yours anymore. The
legislation imposed on NSW shooters, which previously took away the free
ownership of firearms now takes away the ownership of ammunition.
Ammunition registration means you, or the dealer cannot dispose of it
Freedom, is only appreciated after it is Lost.
Only the old Dinosaurs over sixty can remember what real freedom was, before
our country dissolved into a demoralized, scurrilous, manipulating
bureaucratic ‘Socialist State”. Some of our younger shooters are proud
to flash their licence card. Not realising that it is the modern symbol
of bondage. 3000 years ago the Celt Warriors would only wear fancy gold
and silver armlets that were never joined, as the ring was a symbol of
slavery, the symbol of subservience, bondage. We still have that symbol
with the wedding ring, but these days it is the plastic card, the
licence. Lose it and you lose all your shooting property. It is not
really yours anymore.
Australian’s have accepted socialism, bureaucratic slavery.

Only the old Dinosaurs, like me, over sixty can remember that it was
the ‘Union of Soviet Socialist Republics’ that the free world fought
against in the ‘Cold War’. Those old socialist like Lenin, Stalin and
Mao Tse-tung will be laughing in their graves with the knowledge that
their brand of slavery won. These day the only idea of freedom we have
is choosing if we are going to have Hungry Jacks, or Macca’s for lunch. 
We have the “dumbing down” of our children in the government schools.
It is beyond laws of nature to artificially raise someones
intelligence beyond his potential ability, so to alter public thinking,
everyone is turned into a dunce to make the dunce “feel better about
themselves” so after a few decades, those who were turned into dunces
don’t even know what it means to think at all.  When everyone is reduced
to slavery, it gives the illusion of everyone having freedom; even as
when everyone is reduced to being a dunce it gives the illusion of
everyone being intelligent.
The main concept that distinguish a free  country from a communist slave state, is the right to freely own
property.  The first four principles in the Communist Manifesto are:-
1.Abolition of property.
2.A heavy progressive or graduated income tax.
3.Abolition of all right of inheritance.
4.Confiscation of the property of all emigrants and rebels.
Does it sound familiar? I suppose we are classed as ‘emigrants and rebels’
we have to have a licence to own a dog or a chicken. As soon as your
property is taxed you’re a part owner, when they turn the tax up, so you
cannot afford to pay, then they own all of it and you own nothing.
In the old days that was plainly called theft. Your taxed when you buy
property, you are taxed when you sell property, you pay rates, that’s is
a yearly tax. That is not ownership, we are only left with an illusion
of ownership. The bureaucrats run the new Socialist States of Australia
and they own the land, they own the firearms and they own you.
 We firearm owners are ‘conned’.
We act like circus performing dogs, we are given some degree of “freedom”
like a dog on a chain may have 12 feet of slack… but if we have a slight
fall, forget to renew a licence, make a mistake in our paper work, take
all of your guns out of the safe to clean them at one time, that takes
us over the line and offends the “powers that be,” then they tighten the
leash, you lose your licence and lose your property. We then feel the
crack of the tyrants whip. We have the SWAT team breaking down our
A crime used to be an act that hurt another person but now in
the new communist Socialist State of Australia , all crime is against
the State. The only ones that can be wronged is the Master’s, the
bureaucratic State, as us mere slaves cannot never be wronged we are
born only to serve and obey.
These same mechanisms of control were  the same ones that built the
slave states of the  Roman Empire or the Third Reich, more than likely,
they too felt it was better to suffer in silence rather than to raise up and rebel.
Are you all going to just sit back and take it? I must be the last one to see it like this.
Maybe, I  am the last one to remember freedom. ron

If you think your Free, just jack up and don't re-new your Firearms Licence. Don't hand them in, and see what happens?

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