Sponsors Wanted Queenland Big Boar Hunting Championship 2015 Gympie.

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Re. Wanted Sponsors For The
Queensland Big Boar Hunting Championships GYMPIE 2015.
Dear Sirs.

Most Australians have a connection with rural production, or are involved with industries that are either dependent, or associated with rural Australia. Many city Australians are related to, or are second generation rural Australians.
Due to these ties to the ‘land’ the benefits and problems of the land are of paramount importance to them and Australians should be concerned that last year (2014) government sources put the Australian Feral Pig population at approx 25 million.

We Have A Plague of Pigs.
Feral pigs have a reproductive rate that is closer to rabbits than other large herbivores Females can breed from seven months of age and have one, or two litters per year of four to six piglets, this easily doubles their population every succeeding year. So 50 million in 2015. The damage they cause to Australia economy is huge and realistically any statistical calculations could not cover the subject thoroughly. Combine that with the damage they do to our Australian environment/wildlife etc, the Greens should pay a bounty to Feral Pig Hunters. https://www.ehp.qld.gov.au/wildlife/threats/pig.html

Foot & Mouth Could Starve Australia.
The disease risk posed by feral pigs is regarded by some as a “ticking time bomb” for Australia if a serious exotic disease gains access to the wide-ranging pig population.
The threat of an exotic disease outbreak such as Foot and Mouth Disease, to just name one, would prove terminal to much of Australia agricultural products. It is extremely important for thinking Australians to encourage the demise of Feral Pigs.

Two Great Causes.
The Queensland Big Boar Hunting Championships 2015 has two main objectives;
One, to encourage the removal of as many feral pigs as possible from our environment,
Two, to raise as much money as possible for the ‘Wandering Warriors’ (SAS Queensland Association) to aid veterans and their families.
(Wandering Warrior is a charity initiative of the Queensland Branch of the Australian SAS Association. Its members are veterans of Australia’s military conflicts over the past 50 years. They volunteer their time, energy and resources to conduct events which raise funds for veteran and family focussed charities. Wandering Warriors has no paid positions. With the support of corporate Australia and the Australian community, the Wandering Warriors aim to raise badly needed funds for Wounded Veterans, and their families.)

The Third Objective.
There is a third objective, that is to improve communications between hunters, political leaders, media, business people and the community in general, improving the image and opening more public and private land to hunters.
If current pledges continue to be contributed, the $30,000 dollar value of prizes will be easily surpassed. This will attract at least 500 to 600 plus nominations from hunters statewide. All of them would like to see your name in the sponsors list for these two very worthy causes that are combined in this same event.
Please accept our invitation to attend and award your prizes at the culmination, weigh in, presentation on the 12th July 2015. The Queensland Big Boar Hunting Championships 2015 is a three-day hunt, with Bow, Firearm or Dogs for feral pigs, anywhere in our State .
The list of donated Prizes from Sponsors will be soon viewable on http://www.foaa.com.au/queensland-big-boar-hunting-championships/sponsors-please-support-these-worthy-sponsors/
At the 2014 Queensland Big Boar Hunting Championships, last October, 342 Competitors disposed of 329 Feral pigs, (producing a body or a snout) and raised a total of $27,000 for charitable causes. Approximately, 450 people were present during the weigh- in 350 people stayed to watch the $20,000 prize giving. Prizes were awarded for heaviest Boar, Sow, Most number of pigs, Largest Tusk, Largest Pigs Ear, Longest Pig Tail.
We had two dedicated photographers for the Weigh In, who kindly donated their photos and skills free of charge Jason Harelle and Jim Sweeny. Jim Sweeny made a nice comment on Facebook.
What A Great Day , Ossie Family’s Enjoyed, The Best Event I Have Ever Been To, The First Time I Saw Wild Pigs, They Reminded Me Of Oversized Rats With Their Black Hair , Certainly Not The Domestic Breed, The Hunters Were Good Young Knock About Aussies Risking Their Lives To Rid The Land Of Vermin, I Am Very Impressed With The Hunters Who Are Australia’s ‘Salt Of The Earth’, I Will Be At Next Year Event, As This Is Too Good To Miss”.

On Sunday the 12th July 2015 the Long Lunch will again feature a pig on a spit. Last year we received , four half page sponsorship promotion giving positive response from the Gympie Times newspaper. We received sponsorship/promotion by the Yaffa Publications magazines ‘Sporting Shooter’ and ‘Bacon Busters’, and in 2015 they have been invited to attend on the day. Also we received advertising from ‘Wild Boar Australia’ and ‘Guns and Game’ magazine We will be seeking sponsorship/promotion from National TV and they and local media will  be invited to attend on the Sunday 12th weigh-in day. Last year, all the positive publicity was marvellous for the hunting sports in Australia. The facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/QueenslandBigBoarHuntingChampionshipsGympie
has had thousands of visitors, the 4 minute Video has in its different location had over 5000 viewing’s.
If you would like to contribute as a sponsor, or help in anyway please phone, or email Ron on the numbers above.

Media Mileage From Big Boar Competition 2014.
Newspaper and Radio Interviews.
Here are just some of the articles from our local Newspaper and ABC radio we also made Channel7 in Brisbane and other radio interviews were broadcasted. Gympie Times said, that when the issue was put onto its website it had the most comments on any subject and 97 % were in favour of “The Queensland Big Boar Hunting Championships” even the Noosa Greens candidate supported recreational hunting as the most humane method of disposing of these Feral pests.

and an old Editorial showing the necessity for the hunt in Gympie.

Farmers, Boilermakers, Shopkeepers, Dentists, Lawyers, people from varied walks of life  got together to achieve something that was an all round good thing for all concerned, except the feral pigs.
Beneficiaries, were the competitors who received great prizes, over $20,000. worth, agriculture land holders who had 329 pigs removed from the breeding cycle, and the Wandering Warriors who are a 100 % voluntary organisation that raises money for Veterans and their families. Over $27000 was raised from all aspects of the event and distributed to the beneficiaries. No grants, no assistance from government, pure voluntary effort pays off.
Yours faithfully

Ron Owen.
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