Rules, For Queensland Big Boar Hunting Championship 2015.

The Queensland Big Boar Hunting Championships 2015, 9th to  12th  July.

Big Pig

One never knows what lurks at the bottom of our suburban gardens. ron


1. Improve Image of Hunters to the General Public.

2. Gain access for Hunters to Public Land.

3. Raise Money for “Wandering Warriors” SAS (Queensland) Association,

for Veterans and their families.

4. Reduce the number of Feral Pigs in Australia.

Means To That End.

Numbers- Most Prize Value, = Most Competitors = Most Pigs Meet Their End = Most Money For Veterans.

Priority. No one is going to “cock it up”.

All our actions during this Three Day hunt will be magnified and publicised to the zenith degree. If, like us, you want a future with lawful hunting on public land and access to many more hunting properties, we are all on the same team. However, we are all responsible for all the other members of our team. For this Three Day hunt we all will be under the microscope, we will all be judged by the actions of our team, so please all educate and encourage, safe, humane, responsible hunting. If you don’t intend to be a model hunter, and be a good example for your sport, don’t nominate, you have wasted your time reading all this and you should stay at home and watch the TV. To the model hunters, good luck and ‘happy hunting’.


(If you need further interpretation of Rules please call Ron Owen 0754825070.)

1. Nominations Full Payment & Form to arrive in person, or by post to Ron Owen, 24 Mc Mahon Road, Gympie, 4570, or Ron Owen, Box 346, Gympie 4570 QUEENSLAND, or ON LINE LINK PAY PAL before 4.pm on the 6th July 2015 . Cheques can be made payable to the Queensland Indoor Air Rifle Association. See Nomination Form. Wild Feral Pigs will be hunted only between the advertised three day period. 12 noon 9th July 2015 and weighed in by 12 noon 12th July 2015.

2. Feral Pigs can be hunted anywhere you have permission to hunt, see suggested PERMIT form LINK. to carry with you whenever carrying dead Feral Pigs to the weigh in or at anytime that you carry dead game, or feral animals. That suggestion is for your benefit. We will not be checking, but the stock squad can pull you up on any public roads. More than likely they will have extra staff on this week-end.

3. Feral Pigs are to be brought to Rear of ‘Owen Guns’, 24 Mc Mahon Rd Gympie, for the weigh-in and Prize Awards. Pigs should be covered and secured whilst travelling. No Pigs that are off (rotten) will be weighed. All Pigs will be complete with snout, ears and tail, all dressed as they would be for the Chiller, this must be done before bringing them into town.  Water pumped, or any objects inserted into carcass, equals disqualification.

All Competitors must assist with the weigh-in of Pigs.

If for some reason you cannot transport dead pigs, bring in as many Pig Snouts as possible as there will be large prizes for the most Pig Snouts per hunter, and the Most Prominent Pig Snout.

4. At Weigh-In all firearms must be kept in vehicles per the Queensland Weapons Act 1990,  even if your from interstate.
In town and at Weigh -In All dogs must be kept in Vehicle/cages. Sorry there are no Dog competitions. We will have enough to Keep Everyone Busy.

5. Compulsory Nomination Fee of $35. per hunter makes them eligible for Prizes  in Heaviest Pig,  For Most Pigs by Number, brought in by an individual.  Prizes for Most Snouts, largest Snout, longest Tusk, Longest Tail are small extra nominations .

‘Individual’:- means single hunter, male or female, who hunt with BOW, FIREARM, AND DOGS, or ALL THREE.
No Trapped (penned), or Domestic Pigs will be Weighed. Prizes for Heaviest Pig by Girl will be included in General Nomination. Trappers can enter fresh Snouts for the most number individual submitted.

6. Prize for  Biggest ‘Pigs Ear’ Event will be judged by Sponsor of the Prize, or whom they delegate.

7. The Longest Pigs Tail Event will be judged by Sponsor of the Prize, or whom they delegate.

8. The Greatest Tusk Event will be judged by Dr Jeb Herrod, from Gympie Family Dental, or whom they delegate.

9. Tusks, Pigs Ears and Tails will only be judged on dressed pigs that have been weighed in.

10. Pig Lotto will be drawn from pig numbers issued at Weigh -In, so more pigs, more chance of prizes.

Separate Prizes for Duplicate Raffle/Lotto on sale to the public on Pig Numbers will be sold at the Weigh-In.

11.  A Dispute Committee will be appointed by Ron Owen before the 6th July 2015. On any dispute this Committee can interpret these rules and the Committee can remove any Competitors, and their Pigs from the Weigh-in, or any other remedy that they see fit to make.
Ron Owen


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