Permits To Apply NOT Compusary under Section 35 (1) (c) Weapons Act.

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The Big News of the Month is that we had a Small Win.

The ladies from the Queensland Weapons Licencing Branch finally informed us (what the readers of this bulletin knew for 18 months that Queensland Dealers could Swap Firearms for Firearms without a Permit To Acquire Application being made or granted. What is more, they admit in there letter that no legislated changes have been made, this is all stated as Police Policy. See Link below Acquisition- Swap like for like, the Weapons Licencing Policy -01/2014. We need to all lobby our local State Members of Parliament and insist that they show who is running the State of Queensland, Parliament of the Queensland Police Force. Our elected members of parliament have to make a resolution to remove the Police Policy of (doubling up) paper work by imposing the PTA system, when the Law abiding licenced holder already has the lawful authority and excuse by have been granted a Licence by the Queensland State government to hold a firearm of that category. We should not be made to pay again the legislation in the Weapons Act 1990 does not call for that and this ‘Swap like for Like ’ change of policy is further proof of it. ron

Acquisition – Swap like-for-like firearms Policy

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