This is Alex response to the questions. Which does not answer any of them and is a direct lie when he says they will oppose any legislation when on the 15th November 2011 they again (he and his party) all voted to increase the impositions  and fees on shooters. They do no like to expose themselves in the light and prefer to operate in the dark, that is why the majority will not answer as they know it exposes the lie.

Good afternoon

Thank you for your recent correspondence in relation to firearms policy. Mr Campbell Newman recently wrote to the  Sporting Shooters Association concerning this issue.

The LNP ‘CanDo’ Team supports whole heartedly the rights of Queenslanders to participate in recreational sports shooting.

The view of the LNP with respect to weapons licensing and firearms is clear, we oppose any unnecessary changes to the existing scheme that only serves to target law-abiding citizens.

I want to make it clear the LNP would not support any unnecessary hikes in licence fees and charges being imposed on sporting shooters and we have no plans on changing the current system.

When it comes to managing Weapons legislation, it seems Labor is more interested in tightening the screws on law-abiding Queenslanders than addressing serious crime in Queensland.

Labor has forgotten that targeting criminals committing crimes is the area needing most attention and it is the position of the LNP that the priority concern for the State Government should be to overhaul components of the Penalties and Sentences Act that target criminals who use illegal firearms. This is to ensure that tougher laws focus on actual criminals and not innocent Queenslanders.
The LNP acknowledge the thousands of stakeholders who tendered their submissions opposing previous Labor backed changes, please be assured the LNP will oppose any unnecessary changes to the legislation, particularly increases in licensing fees, and will continue to fight Labor’s bungled handling of the new weapons licensing system that has been a $7 million waste.
Once again I thank you for taking the time to write to me on this issue and look forward to working with you to ensure any new laws are actually aimed at the areas where there is genuine fault and concern.

Queenslanders have long enjoyed the time honoured past time of sports shooting and this position should continue to be supported through the existing legislative framework.

Yours sincerely

Dr Alex Douglas MP
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