Darrin Hunt KAP Cairns

Score 50 out of a possible 60. His proviso’s do not help him get the support that he requires for a full score. ron

It would appear that Darren Hunt does support a Firearms Registration system but not in its present form.  See response to Q5.

From: Zoe Giannopoulos
Sent: Monday, November 28, 2011 12:26 PM

Jim my response to your questions as below-
Q.1 yes
Q.2 Yes
Q.3 Yes
Q.4 Yes
Q.5 I do not support the registry in it’s current format. The permit to acquire system in particular is in urgent need of overhaul. A law abiding, licensed user with that category/class of firearm on their licence should be able to purchase the firearm on presentation of their licence and details recorded/forwarded at point of sale. I believe a register does provide protection to lawful, law abiding users but the current model is flawed.
Q.6 No, as in Q.5 the current system is flawed.
Hope this helps.
Darren Hunt
Candidate for Cairns
P.O Box 614 Bungalow
Mob. 0429897561

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