Correspondence with a Katter Australia Party Candidate.


As for our official KAP gun policy, it has not been released because it’s not fully finished. We need to change the laws slowly so that the public don’t complain.

I can assure you that I have read the entire policy and it’s very well written, especially so the media can’t hang us out to dry but the gun owning public can read between the lines.

Ron, if it was up to me, we would have no long arm registration and Cat H would have no restrictions either. I’m a proponent of Concealed Carry to make society safer. Also, that is the “internal” policy but we can’t do that straight away.

We intend to get rid of licencing for air rifles, pellet guns and paint ball. Long arms will be all one group. Cat H will be all one group minus the stupid laws about barrel length, mag cap and calibre.

eg, if you are licenced for a 22 slazanger, then you should be able to go buy a Barrett 50 S/A.

We have to do these things disceretly and slowly.
Like I said Ron, If it were up to me, there would be ZERO registration for weapons and we’d have CCW.

Feel free to ask me any more questions

Dear  A…….

The public are not the enemy, they are your friends. If you do not spell it out they won’t trust you.
Without the media making a fuss, they won’t even know you exist.

One Nation thought they were being smart , and would not say what they promised privately to their members. This created mistrust.

As shooters mistrust the LNP they mistrust Labour they mistrust KAP. So they may as well not change their voting pattern, you get nowhere . Its a chicken and the egg, you either come up front tell the truth about your intentions or your just as devious and un trustworthy as the other parties. I will vote for some independents or just get my name crossed off the list informal rather than vote for someone who will not speak out for me. I think that and thousands of other do as well. Wait and see.
You cannot sneak into power, like a thief in the night, you have to be a champion, one that we are waiting for.
Still waiting

I just replied to your email.
I agree with all you say.
Any journo asks me my views and the views of the KAP, then I will not be afraid to speak my mind. That’s why Bobby Katter asked me to be his candidate out here in Southern Downs, he knows I will open my gob and speak out against what is wrong
I hope you like the media release that I sent to you in the email. ( that is added below)
I won’t be sneaking around in the night. I’ll let rip.
Ron, these laws piss me right off ! I’m going to change them.

Let me assure you, when the time is right, I will let fly on gun laws and self defence and all that….. Trust me, I’m angry.
I think that most of the gun owning public know that the KAP supports them. The SSAA have given us alot of support.
And you would naturally know Rob Nioa’s position on this too.

When we take power, and we will, the gun laws will be changed and removed.

Are we on the same page here mate ??

0417 707 404

Not at all, the time is right now, they have to know, that your not ashamed to show, that your on their side. Until your party has the intestinal fortitude to represent the shooters, you will get money but you will not get the rank and file keenly standing at the polling booths handing out how to vote for you. You cannot expect something for nothing, if you want loyalty you have to earn it.
  I will put your response to the questionnaire on the www.foaa.com.au site and I do hope you do very well. No one more than me wants to see the end of the other parties.

Ron Owen

GUNS-BLAZING-FOR-KATTER but what about his shooting supporters?

GUNS-BLAZING-FOR-KATTER but what about his shooting supporters?


Democracy, not hypocrisy

Katter’s Australian Party candidate for Southern Downs Ade Larsen has called on both sides of politics to provide honesty in representation.

Mr Larsen, a Justice of the Peace since 1995, said that it was gravely hypocritical that MP’s said one thing while they were in their electorates but then turned their backs on their constituents whilst in George Street, Brisbane.

“What we’ve got is a situation where a sitting member comes out in the media and says one thing to appease the electors and then votes against their wishes because of party-line politics and self-interest,” Mr Larsen said.

“But the hidden hypocrisy is that they (the MP’s) won’t come out and publicly tell you that they voted against your best interests and that’s a shame”

“The latest incarnation of this hideous practice is the newly passed Weapons Act amendment bill which sees farmers, fisherman, hunters and outdoors enthusiasts become criminals because they can no longer carry a pocket or pen knife in public, that’s the Nanny State gone mad,” Mr Larsen exhorted.

The fired-up candidate went on to say that the new laws which will make criminals of innocent citizens were introduced by Labor and received bi-partisan support from the LNP.

“Why do politicians do the opposite of what’s good for the people? How do we have democracy when the people who claim to represent us don’t support our wishes?” Mr Larsen asked.

“It’s not about left and right anymore, it’s about right and wrong – We will give people back their freedoms”.

Katter’s Australian Party Leader, Bob Katter also came out swinging, saying “You’re going to have to stand up and represent your people or you’ll lose your seat – don’t turn your back on your people.”

Ade Larsen followed up on those remarks and said “I’m not interested in politics, I’m interested in representation and doing what’s right, and God willing, the day after the election, there will be democracy and the people will again have a voice.”

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