Chris Foley MP Member for Maryborough

Chris has a good record of voting against prohibitive Gun Laws, but as yet as not answered a a questionnaire so we cannot give him a score. 

Dear Sir
I would just like to congratulate you on you NO vote to the Weapons Act amendments, which were voted on in Qld. Parliament on the 15th of this month.  You showed courage and you showed contempt for the legislation which further restricts our already eroded freedoms.  We can only pray that you retain your seat at the upcoming election and I will be doing my little bit to let people know what your position is.
A. B. Trehearn


Dear Allan
Thank you for your email of support regarding my vote against the Weapons Amendment Bill. This sort of support is greatly appreciated.
Thank you again, have a good afternoon.

Kind Regards
Mr Chris Foley MP
State Member for Maryborough


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