An Un Submissive Submission On

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An Un Submissive Submission On

The ability of Australian law enforcement authorities to eliminate gun-related violence in the community”.

Sub mission to Commonnwealth on gun laws

(68 pages with colour images. The submission deadline is 15 August 2014. The reporting date is 2 October 2014.)

“We are fast approaching the stage of the ultimate inversion: the stage where the government is free to do anything it pleases, while the citizens may act only by permission; which is the stage of the darkest periods of human history, the stage of rule by brute force.”

-Ayn Rand, The Nature of Government.


Why would a committee, paid for by public funds, be concerned with ‘gun related violence’, and not all ‘violence’? Why so specific when ‘gun related violence’ is such a small percentage of all violence perpetuated by Australia’s people, that it is undefined, no statistics. It would not suit the political agenda of removing firearms from the community, so its never produced. Surely, the ability to eliminate violence would be the aim, or goal of government. From the above terms of reference we can be certain that the aim of the committee is to eliminate guns, and they consider that the 200,000 incidents per annum of ‘violence’ in the Australian community can look after itself, as there is no evidence that ‘controlling firearms’, reduces community violence, in fact the evidence shows the reverse is true.

This submission compares firearm legislation in Australia, Britain, Canada, and the USA, with the results, which shows that the Australian State governments have made a huge mistake in following the British model. Contrary to this the Australian law abiding people, have re-armed

and put crime into a decline, similar to the USA . This is the opposite outcome to what has occurred in Britain which has similar legislation and proves that either there is no relationship between firearm legislation, firearm ownership and violent crime, or More Guns Means less Crime?

Experience has shown that Australia elected politicians, bar one, or two exceptions and all public servants who are paid by the public to review, propose and legislate have an aversion to reading, or listening to any information that does not agree with their own ingrained opinions, so for those with an aversion to knowledge we have to say it in one line. The rest of this submission is written to educate those of the public who are not in government, but who have the enquiring mind to seek the truth on this important subject.

Question 1.

“The ability of Australian law enforcement authorities to eliminate gun-related violence in the community, with reference to:”

Answer 1. The Commonwealth Government has no Ability.

Reason. 1.

THE CONSTITUTION (63 & 64 VICTORIA, CHAPTER 12) An Act to constitute the Commonwealth of Australia. [9th July 1900] has not been repealed, or amended to give any power to the Commonwealth enabling it to spend money and time on subjects it has no powers under the Commonwealth Constitution to legislate for. The Commonwealth Constitution is specific in the powers awarded to the Commonwealth Government and no mention is made of firearms or any other type of weapons.

This subject is beyond the powers of the Commonwealth and all who have been responsible for the mis direction and mis spending of the public resources should be made financially responsible to pay back the mis spent funds to the Commonwealth.

As this Committee has now been informed, put on notice, it should not proceed any further in any discussions on the matter excepting ensuring the public servants pay back the money it has spent on this area over the last twenty years. As experience has proved that Australian elected politicians and bureaucrats consider themselves a ‘Protected Species’, above and beyond the Laws of the Constitution, we have to continue with the submission as if our Constitution did not exist.

Question 2.

a. the estimated number, distribution and lethality of illegal guns, including both outlawed and stolen guns, in Australia;

Answer 2.

Estimating the lethality of illegal guns, is a nonsense, its either lethal, or its not a concern, estimating numbers is impossible as if they don’t know how many legal firearm are in the nation never mind knowing numbers of illegal firearms. (Note all State Police Registers are inaccurate and up to two years behind in entering information) distribution is something that they should have some source of information as most missing firearms are either from Commonwealth Customs, Commonwealth Post Offices, the Armed Forces or State Police. The above Government Departments hold most of the ‘bad apples’ they organise the illegal firearm trade in Australia so should be qualified to comment.

Question 3.

b. the operation and consequences of the illicit firearms trade, including both outlawed and stolen guns within Australia;

Answer 3.

As above the Customs and Police would be the most qualified and experienced to comment on the operation and consequences of the illicit firearms trade. Intelligent people would realise and understand that the States have created this illicit trade by improperly legislating on the law abiding licencing and banning honest peoples access made firearms a commodity that prior to this legislation was not a target for criminal activity. State registration of firearms and licensed shooters has established a illegal trade in all States of those registration lists that are sold by Police to criminals. This enable Criminals to pick out expensive and rare firearms to steal. This is one of the reasons that the Canadian Federal Government publicly burnt the register that it had spent two billions dollars composing. They also were brave enough to admit that during the ten years since its inception, like Australia, it had not solved, or prevented, or saved a life, or brought a criminal to justice.

 Question 4.

c. the adequacy of current laws and resourcing to enable law enforcement authorities to respond to technological advances in gun technology, including firearms made from parts which have been imported separately or covertly to avoid detection, and firearms made with the use of 3D printers.

Answer 4.

In all Australian States, all unlicenced manufacture of firearms and major component parts is illegal with huge penalties. All methods of manufacture are already covered, it even prohibits the manufacture and possession of items that can be freely purchased in hardware shops, used for 1000s of other purposes. Bureaucrats, Politicians and Police join together to build a Police State using a false pair of kid gloves. Even removing 100% of all firearms and ammunition from the Australian people will not make Australia a safer place. The human being is a tool maker, it is the main difference between the other animals on the planet. The human being will manufacture weapons even though it is prohibited. Even the closure of hardware stores and steel supplies would not prevent manufacture.

Australian Police: 10% of firearms seized are homemade

Posted June 16, 2014

Pipe Control.

“The new boss of the Firearms and Organized Crime Squad has revealed that at least 10% of firearms seized by police in NSW are homemade.

“Supt Plotecki said there was anecdotal evidence that outlaw motorcycle gangs were targeting people who have the skills to make weapons. – Earlier this year a Hells Angel prospect was caught with a homemade Uzi that police believe was a prototype he was showing his prospective employers to impress them.”

Australian Police: 10% of firearms seized are homemade

In the same article the anti-gun group ‘Gun Control Australia’ make the claim that “All guns start out legal -before they become illegal (via theft or rogue dealers)”. Certainly not standard tubing submachine guns.

Question 5.

d. the extent to which the number and types of guns stolen each year in Australia increase the risk posed to the safety of police and the community, including the proportion of gun-related crime involving legal firearms which are illegally held;

Answer 5.

Who ever wrote this should be sacked as again it is nonsense. In all States as soon as a person illegally holds a firearm the firearm is not legal as firearms have to be registered and the holder has to be licensed. Surely the person responsible for writing this drivel should have researched his question. If there is a genuine moral desire from our legislators to improve the safety of the community, they should follow the example of Canada and New Zealand of scrapping the State held registers, so criminals and police cannot access them. The increase of firearm ownership in Australia, and other western nations has reduced crime and improved the safety of the community. More Guns, Less Crime, check the import figures and the crime rates.

Quote “Customs figures show 85,035 handguns, rifles, shotguns, military firearms and air firearms were legally imported into Australia last year, up from 39,389 in 2006.

The popularity of handguns has soared, increasing from 5876 to 19,561, while imported airguns have increased from 106 to 8452.

During that time, detection of illegal firearms at Australia’s borders has fallen 66 per cent from 17,635 to 5922.”

Question 6.

e. the effect banning semi-automatic handguns would have on the number of illegally held firearms in Australia;

Note. This  question is the dangerous one and needs as many responses with submissions to the above address as possible even if they only comprise of three lines, or just send them this submission with your personal endorsement. just say you agree with it and that is another submission. We are involved I a war of numbers, the Greens have moved this Senate Inquiry they have hardly any numbers we have millions of firearm owners and friends. The problem is the Greens are motivated and organised and we are not. It has to chance any you have to help it change, or we all will hang together. .
Please click on the following link and read the whole submission and as it is in .pdf format it can be easily downloaded and transmitted to all your friends by email or facebook .
07 54 825070. Phone, if you have any problems inn carrying this small duty. it is easier to do a little bit now than a lot of digging later. Ron Owen

Sub mission to Commonnwealth on gun laws



If we do nothing, Queensland will make law in Mid October 2011 banning centre fire rifles which have a built in magazine capacity of over 10 shots, pump actions, lever actions anything that can take 11 shots,  will have to be handed in for NO compensation. That means Model 1866 (Henry) Winchester, Model 1873 Winchesters, Model 1892 Winchester’s 1873, likewise Browning, Marlin, Remington, Rossi, Puma, Colt Lighting, Chiappa, Uberti, Henry, Timberwolf, and  Remington Pumps, one in the chamber puts the rifles built in magazine capacity at 11and if you have done the right thing and registered that rifle you will have to hand it in for no compensation. There are many more sad, idiotic, sections of legislation in the Weapons Amendment Bill of 2011  WeaponsAmB11 which enpowers the government to misuse its power, by stealing lawfully owned property from law abiding citizens.

Fancy them Banning 150 year old Spencer Carbines, as it has over 10 in the mag.

Fancy them Banning 150 year old Spencer Carbines, as it has over 10 in the mag.

Have no doubt about it,we who have experienced the way that legislation is interpreted by courts and police know  that that the government is the largest criminal organisation in Australia. It steals property and destroys its opponents, that is criminal.

We have all hoped for change, we dream of a political group that will appear on a white charger and lead us to victory. We have hoped that Labour will lose the next election in Queensland. Currently that will make no difference as the ‘Shadow Minister for Police’ who if Labour loses, will be the next Police Minister John-Paul Mr LANGBROEK is an absolute anti gun moron.

In his speech on this proposed bill on the 8th September 2011  HANSARD 2011_09_08 Scroll down to Weapons Amendment Act, read for yourself here are some excepts,  he says’,
“the safety of Queenslanders is one of our top priorities”. (Yet he disarms us?)

“In the 15 years since these radical reforms were introduced, it is clear that there has been success in controlling gun use. There has not been another massacre like that which occurred at Port Arthur all those years ago.” ( he has forgotten that Queensland massacres are done with a box of matches as in Childers Palace Fire – In June 2000, Robert Long killed 15 people, and the Whiskey Au Go Go fire in 1973 which killed another 15 people. How is he going to keep Queenslanders safe from boxes of matches)  THE TRUTH ABOUT GUNS,CRIME AND VIOLENCE RESULTS OF THE ’96/’97 AUSTRALIAN GUN LAWS & “BUYBACK.
The Mr Langbroek, shadow minster for Police, continued with;
“the introduction of an approved safety training course as a prerequisite for registration. Key recommendations to address these issues include introducing online processing of licence applications and permits and introducing new fees for selected weapons transactions”
(He is clueless, he mixes up registration with licenses and does not know we have had a training course before licence for over ten years, and  fee’s for licences and permits have recently risen 126%)

“Members are now required to manually complete a form for a permit to acquire—or PTA—whereas with the old system it was computer generated. Delays in the issue of PTAs have extended to months, and a prerecorded telephone message was used by Weapons Licensing to advise callers that they should expect delays and not to call.” (He has the delay right but PTA applications have never been computer generated)

“In every state of Australia, the debate over gun control ignites considerable passion and it is important to dispel some myths. There has never been an unfettered right for Australians to possess firearms for any reason including self-defence.” (The Bill of Rights 1689,  does that it laid out certain basic rights for all Englishmen. These rights continue to apply today, not only in England and Wales, but in each of the jurisdictions of the Commonwealth realms as well.
“Disarming Protestants, &c.
By causing severall good Subjects being Protestants to be disarmed at the same time when Papists were both Armed and Employed contrary to Law.
Subjects’ Arms.
That the Subjects which are Protestants may have Arms for their Defence suitable to their Conditions and as allowed by Law. ” This was re-introduced and still stands in Queenslands laws under the Imperial Acts Applications Act of 1984. Mr LANGBROEK is totally unaware of the legislation that he is tampering with.)

Langbroek continues “Even the United States Constitution, which is often misquoted by proponents of gun ownership, does not confer such a right. The second amendment to the US Constitution states— “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”
That is a very different proposition from the belief that every individual should have the right to possess whatever weapons they wish. ( Anyone who can read the English language can understand, “the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed”, is he an imbecile? He is only a Dentist but he should be able to understand simple words)

Langbroek continues “Even licensed, they serve no useful purpose in a civilised society. I acknowledge that there are those people who enjoy shooting exotic weapons either recreationally or competitively, and there are provisions in the legislation for them to do so. Their concerns about restrictions on owning and operating firearms have been heard.
I acknowledge that professional, recreational or competitive shooters who observe weapon control legislation do not necessarily pose a risk to the community at large, but that does not give them an automatic right to possess whatever weapons in whatever quantity they wish.”
(So this gives him the right to advocate the removal of our property, what arrogance.)

Langbroek continues “The respected criminologist Professor Paul Wilson was quoted in that Brisbane Times article Professor Wilson said the increase in gun ownership was ‘worrying’. He said— “The evidence is fairly clear; the more guns a community has, the more chances there are of crimes.”  (This is same Paul Wilson that wrote the incorrect ‘Hell Town’( about Gympie) article in Australian pornographic Penthouse magazine, he is a frequent contributor, he supports the Sex party, legalisation of drugs and opposes legislation of ‘Bikie’ Gangs, and Langbroek things he is ‘respected’)

Langbroek continues “I take this opportunity to thank the minister and his staff from the department for the briefing I received in relation to this bill.” (It shows who he takes notice of, who would vote for the LNP when they are just as rotten as the Labour Party taking their breif form the Police )
Langbroek continues; Particularly, these issues are covered by the first stage of the amendment process, which we will not be opposing.” (This bill is the first stage, they have another ready in the wings)

We must STOP this Bill.

This Bill is bad law, it doubles penalties for many offences such as not signing the range register at the club, and makes knives Category M so they have to be licensed and registered. Can you open them with one hand, such as a paper knife, or a Stanley knife or even a pair of scissors. The interpretation is up to the police and their courts.

Langbroek also states, “There are currently more 155,000 firearm licence holders in Queensland, 14,622 of whom are in the Gold Coast region. In a report from the Brisbane Times it was found that the number of new gun licences issued across Queensland increased 19 per cent, from 12,818 to 15,260.”

Which is rubish anyway as figures releases in 1998 put the licenced holders in Queensland at 120,000, and with the published increases of 19% or even 12,818 extra per year makes nonsense of either or all the figures he is producing. We do know that there has been massive increases as Safety Course Instructors have been reporting that over the last five years. We know that Weapons Licencing Branch cannot cope with the increases in Licence applications and Permits to Acquire so have pushed this legislation so to limit the amount of firearms on the registry and the remove as many shooters off their books as soon as possible.

This has to be Stopped.
If there are only licenced 155,000 shooters in Queensland, plus the unknown number of un licensed then with their wives and friends that puts a voting figure of at least 310,000. That is the largest voting group in this country. This number of votes can make or break ever parliament in Australia. The largest political party this nation has ever seen was the National Party in the 1980s with 60,000 members, since they betrayed the Firearm Owners in 1997 and again with the banning of handguns in 2003 that has dwindled so far that to remain in existence they have had to amalgamatewith the Liberals into the LNP. I told Russel Cooper in 1996 “if they implented the John Howard laws that the National Part M.Ps would travleing to parlaiment in a mini bus”.  Since then the National Party imploded and with Langbroek stance is now facing impending doom.

 We have to Act in a unified way.
Now knowing that the LNP are going to vote with Labour on this further Gun Ban,  Rather than allow our elected members of parliament to hide behind anonymity, we would like to force them to make their vote public and for that vote to be recorded in Hansard. At least we can then deal with those who vote for it at soon coming election. To this end the Shooters Union phoned Liz Cunningham, the independent member for Gladstone. (Remember this courageous woman? She stood alone and voted against the amendments to the Weapons Act in 1996 which resulted in registration, compulsory club membership, the requirement for fixed term licences, PTAs etc). They asked if she would call for a division, so that the names of each and every individual who votes for this Bill is recorded  ( Very useful at the coming election.) She said that she already planned to do so but to have the names of those voting against the bill recorded, there have to be five votes against. There are only five Independents and one of those Peter Wellington is a Labour party swinging voter anyway, so we need to let all of parliament know that shooters are a unified force and that we can act together. Earlier this year Labour withdrew its Weapons Amendment Bill due to receiving 2500 submissions opposing it, before the next debate on this Bill Tuesday 11th October, contact your local politician, by phone, but preferably by email, or letter, advising her/him to vote against the bill .


This link  will take you to a complete list of all Queensland politicians.

Either print out the submission below or  post, or hand it in at your local members office, or cut and paste this into an email send it to your local member of parliament or all on the list, but do something, or we all lose our rights and property.


Name ………………………………….
………………………………….P/c……………  Telephone Num…………………………………

To my State Representative


It is my submission that you do not vote or support the Weapons Amendment Bill of 2011.
It does not serve justice on individual wrong doers and collectively punishes the innocent by removing their rights to own property that they lawfully are entitled to do. It gives no compensation for this property.
Please pass my submission to the Police Minister, as I do not wish him to support this Bill and will never vote for anyone that votes or supports this Bill.


Sign …………………………………….


To Add more Reasons. Say this.
1.Banning firearms with over 10 shot capacity will not reduce crime and make Queensland a safer place.
2. Increased penalties on licensed shooters does not prevent crimes against the public.
3. Banning knives does not solve a knife problem; it only places restrictions on law abiding members of the community, such as Butchers, Chefs, Farmers, (Farmers have already been charged for having stock knives is a belt pouch. When they come into town)
4. all of the increased regulations on firearms do nothing to make the community safer, or to prevent or solve weapons crimes. They only place restrictions on the law abiding.

If you want any other material to aim at these politicians go to

Guns make it easier to kill and injure people.  Therefore, it is obvious to any  fool that reducing the prevalence of guns will reduce the prevalence of death and injury.  But, what about people who aren’t fools? Read the above Links.

And also on Australian Bureau of Statistics.

“In April 2005, there were 15,966,900 persons aged 15 years and over living in private dwellings in Australia. In the 12 months prior to the survey it was estimated that:
58,900 (0.4%) persons were victims of at least one robbery
770,600 (4.8%) persons were victims of at least one assault
44,100 (0.3%) persons aged 18 years and over were victims of at least one sexual assault.
Unlawful entry with intent  248 475
In total 841,500 persons aged 15 years and over were victims of one or  more of these selected personal crimes, equating to an overall personal victimisation prevalence rate of 5.3%. Is this making Australia a safer place?
Out of 258 murders in 2008
Firearm was            31
Knife was                87
Bat/Chemicals           9
Other weapons        35
And NO weapons were used in 85 murders how is Mr Landbroek going to legislate to stop the 85 murders that people have committed with there  hands. Amputate every ones right hand?