ARE YOU WAITING ?? For your Licence, Permit To Acquire

ARE YOU WAITING ?? For your Licence,  Permit To Acquire.
The Queensland Police Minister Mr Jack Dempsey wants to hear about our regular delays with Weapons Licencing Branch.
If you do not have one yourself and you know other that are still waiting.  Please give them this email address jack.dempsey@ministerial.qld.gov.au
and suggest to them that they follow the format below to express their problem to the Minister of Police.
Minister would like information from Firearm Owners about difficulties
and delays they are having with WLB for PTAs, licence renewals and
licence applications etc.
A suggested format for your information to the Minister can be as simple as follows:
Receipt number
Where submitted
Date submitted
PTA, New licence, or licence renewal?
Other problems

Fill in the information and send the email to: jack.dempsey@ministerial.qld.gov.au

This is not limited to applications now in the pipe line which have
not been received, but to all delays since the middle of 2010. The
Minister will then see that this is not a minor aberration over the last
couple of months, but an endemic problem with the system.
So here is a chance to make a difference. Tell your friends, tell everyone who has
firearms, put it on facebook, and please please put your gripes on
paper or email. Use the suggested format above if you wish, or any other
format you choose. Get it off to the Minister immediately.
They have to know what we are experiencing. Your input is essential

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