“Offensive Weapons” How Can An Inanimate Object Be Offensive?

“Offensive Weapons” For Sale!
(An Opinion on the “Offensive Weapons” Legislation)

1.) Question: Is there such a thing as an “Offensive Weapon’’??
Answer: No; of course not.
An inanimate object described as a “Weapon’’ to call it Offensive, is a contradiction in terms.

2.) Question: Are my Fists, Boots, and Fingers “Offensive Weapons’’?
Answer: No; my fist, boot and finger’s only become “offensive’’ if I punch you in the face, kick you in the head, or poke you in the eye!
Any object, whether it be a Gun, Knife, Axe, Hammer, or anything else, is just a tool designed for a specific job or purpose.

“Is This An Offensive Weapon?”
# 1: Axe. Available from your friendly neighbourhood hardware/garden store. $9.99 !

Anti – Tool Pressure Groups
anti – tool pressure groups are currently lobbying the all Western governments for a ban on certain types of tools, and the carrying of tools by law abiding members of the public. (Already happened in Queensland )
The members of these tiny minority (but very vocal) anti – tool groups are also lobbying for the introduction of “mandatory” five year prison sentences for any law abiding citizen caught in possession of a tool, such as a pen-knife or pair of scissors. This anti – tool hysteria has been brought about by rare instances of violent knife attack against unarmed and helpless citizens. The relatives of the victims of knife crime have taken it upon themselves to seek revenge for their loss against an inanimate object and the law abiding citizens who poses them! Can you imagine receiving a five year sentence just for carrying a tool such as a knife?  A tool human beings have carried and used almost since the dawn of the human race!

These intellectually challenged morons actually do believe that if law abiding citizens are banned from carrying tools such as knives, the levels of knife crime would fall! These same lame brain subservient sheep conveniently forget that the crime rate involving the use of guns increased by a massive 40% following the British handgun ban of 1997 and is still increasing. Why?; Because law abiding citizens who choose to exercise the most basic of human rights, to ‘Keep and Bear Arms’, are not the reason behind any of today’s crime problems.

“Is This An Offensive Weapon?” #2: Kitchen Knife. Available from your friendly neighbourhood hardware/kitchen store. $11.99 !

Any individual who possesses even a modest amount of common sense will be aware that banning any inanimate object can have no effect on human behavior or the levels of violent crime. Those individuals who represent the “yob” and criminal elements of our society, by definition, do not obey the law and are therefore unaffected by any anti – knife or gun laws.
Prison Sentences Increasing the length of sentences for offenders is also not the answer to rising crime levels, despite the myths put forwards by the media. The countries who’s criminal ‘justice’ systems hand down the longest of sentences also tend to have the highest and most violent levels of criminal behavior. The United States being one example. With around two and a half million of it’s citizens behind bars (one of the largest prison populations in the world) the U.S criminal ‘justice’ system continues to hand down the longest of prison sentences to those who fall foul of the law. Despite this fact, America remains (in certain areas) one of the most violent societies on earth. Long prison sentences do not necessarily deter criminal and anti – social behavior, they only serve to make those who are determined to engage in serious criminality even more determined and ruthless in their attempts to commit the offence and evade capture once the crime has been committed.

To illustrate one example; British rapists can, and do, receive life sentences for their crime; so why stop with rape? Murder also carries a life sentence, so why not kill the victim and reduce the chance of leaving a potential witness? Have life sentences reduced rape crime? – No!
Does the death penalty in the USA and other countries reduce murder rates? – No!
We must start to deal with the root causes of crime, rather than simply punishing the end results of criminal behavior.

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Crime and ‘Yob’ Culture.
What can be done then to stem the rise of violent crime and anti – social behavior when anti – weapon laws and horrendously long sentences are not the answer? What new “laws” and “bans” would reduce crime and anti – social behavior? The solution is simple, but not as simple as banning an inanimate object. It also doesn’t have the same ring as
“Crackdown on offensive weapons,” – a common press headline.

Before I solve the crime and anti – social behavior problem (I will accept the Nobel Piece by Piece Prize or a Tin medal if offered) let’s first get crime into perspective. The chance of someone in Britain, and indeed most other countries, being the victim of any type of violent crime is rare. In Britain, you are far more likely to be one of the three and a half thousand yearly victims of car genocide (42,000 in the USA) than be a crime victim. You are more likely to die of the cold; between 20,000 and 50,000 UK citizens do just that every year!

No; violent crime, although dramatically increasing, due in part to the disarmament of law abiding citizens, is still not a major problem for the average Briton. Britain was always a relatively peaceful country until quiet recent times, not because of anti – gun/weapon laws (gun control did not exist until 1920) but because of our long history of social stability, relative wealth, and within living memory, compliance with a moral code and strict discipline in our homes and schools system.

“Do As You Please” Society.
However, since the beginnings of the 1960’s, an era which saw the birth of our permissive, tolerant, and “do as you please” society, this moral code and sense of what is acceptable behavior, has been slowly annihilated by the activities of “Human Rights”; and in particular, ‘’Child Rights’’ lobby groups. These small but very vocal groups have successfully campaigned for the removal of every worthwhile deterrent and punishment for child and teenage offenders.

The Result.
As a result, each generation is being raised without fear of any retribution for criminal behavior. These “out of control children” grow up into out of control adults, in a never ending cycle of social anarchy. The main ‘crime problem’ facing British society today is not premeditated violent crime, but anti – social behavior, which can often escalate into violent crime. A phenomenon often referred to as the “Yob Culture”. This yob culture being the root cause of an almost endless plague of anti – social behavior problems, ranging from stabbings and alcohol induced street brawls, to the untouchable foul mouthed and out of control kids we often see on our streets and in our schools.

We Are Held Hostage By The Law.
Government departments, schools, and many parents, shrug their shoulders, all effectively held ‘‘hostage’’ by ‘’political correctness’’ and “child protection laws”, all collectively reneging on their responsibility to raise an obedient, moral, and law abiding younger generation. We are now experiencing the end results of forty plus years of social experimentation based on lunatic left wing ideologies that advocate hedonist and consequence free lifestyle choices.

We Need to Look Far Further than the Point of a Knife Blade for a Solution!

With around twelve children expelled from our schools every day for violent attacks on teachers or other pupils, the highest teenage pregnancy and abortion rates in Europe, and one of the highest levels of anti – social behavior problems in the world, we need to look far further than the point of a knife blade for a solution! As in the case of violent crime, the yob culture cannot be dealt with by banning certain types of tools.

The Tools Have Not Changed.
The knife, for example, has been around for thousands of years, but the type of school and street stabbings we have seen in recent years, and which have been blown out of all proportion in the press, are a quiet recent “problem”. Has the knife suddenly become sharper or more pointed? Has the knife blade suddenly become longer? No; the knife and gun remain the same, it is only our society that has changed!

“Is This An Offensive Weapon ?” #4: Meat Cleaver. Available from your friendly neighbourhood hardware/kitchen store. $15.99!

How Do We Create A YOB?
Before understanding how to eradicate the yob culture, we must first understand how a yob is created. We must also understand that a yob is not a natural phenomenon but a being that must be carefully nurtured from early childhood. Learning how to create a yob is the first step in learning how to eradicate the problem.
It is also the first step in tackling the type of thug violence used by politicians, police authorities, and ‘‘anti-everything’’ groups as the excuse to further disarm law abiding citizens!

A Guide To Yob Creation.
I have put together the following ‘‘five point plan’’ for those wishing to create their own yob! However, I must point out that the following rules must be adhered to fully.
Note: The apprentice yob must be schooled from the earliest possible age.

No older than three or four years of age is recommended. Providing this plan is followed to the letter, your apprentice should receive a full yob scholarship by the age of ten. Any deviation from this plan could lead to the extinction of yob culture.
Step 1: The Parents:   
The parents of the apprentice yob are of paramount importance. The first months and years of life being the most formative, it is essential to set examples of correct and acceptable behavior from the outset. The apprentice must be employed by a fully qualified yob parent; or two, if available. The parents should ideally have a traceable pedigree of yobbery going back at least two generations.

Step 2:  Home Life:
The home should be regarded as the cradle of the young apprentice. It should be ensured that the yobs home life is as dysfunctional and disrupted as possible in order to instill a great sense of insecurity and mayhem. The importance of allowing the apprentice free rein within this environment cannot be overstated. The parent or parents should engage in “yobbish behavior” in the presence of the apprentice, in order to demonstrate the required standards of behavior which are to be expected both now and in later life. Regular displays of foul language, alcohol intoxication, violent or abusive domestic interaction, all assist in providing the young apprentice with suitable role model behavior.

Step 3: School Life: 
School life is, if anything, even more important than home life in the upbringing of the young apprentice. Assuming, that is, the apprentice is willing to go to school in the first place! The apprentice will inevitably spend more hours of the day at school than at home. For this reason it is of vital importance to send the apprentice to a school with a lax education and discipline regime. Most schools fall into this category, so it should not be too difficult to find the apprentice a suitable placement. Schools which concentrate on issues such as religion, discipline, respect for others, good manners, morality, and other such subversive ideologies should be avoided. The last thing we want is for the school to contradict or undo any of the parents good work carried out during the apprentices preschool years. The school should always respect the legal “rights” of the apprentice to ensure the child’s yob-hood years remain free from the constraints imposed upon the adult population.

Step 4: Discipline:
Traditional ‘politically incorrect’ forms of discipline should never be used in the upbringing of the apprentice yob. It can have the adverse effect of controlling unruly behavior! If the parent wishes to demonstrate some form of authority (though this should be kept to a minimum) psychological abuse such as screaming, shouting, swearing, and threats of imminent violence towards the apprentice should always be used. Remember that examples of this type need to be set.

Step 5. Television: 
The importance of Step five cannot be overestimated in the apprentice yobs curriculum. The television, being the most powerful propaganda medium in existence, is an essential tool in the mind control process. The apprentice must be subjected to as much negative imagery as possible. Several hours a day are recommended. The correct type of television and/or video programming is essential in order to create the correct type of mindset during the first years of apprenticship. Programs containing extreme violence, foul language, violent and corruptive forms of music, and depraved or perverted sexual activity, should be the required standards of viewing. Violent video games are also a great aid to successful development!

When we reverse the moral decline which has taken over our society during the past forty or so years, we will eradicate the culture of yob behavior which leads to the types of violent crimes we see today. Ever more restrictive gun and knife laws, and longer and longer prison sentences, make for great newspaper headlines, but are not the answer to rising crime.
When we learn to discipline the would-be yob children of today, we will eradicate the anti-social behavior and violent crime of tomorrow.





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